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Church Banners Show Big Welcome To Members And Visitors - Bothell, WA

by Yuki Chan on January 31, 2017

Bothell WA church entrance banner Rainmaker Signs.jpg

A church establishes a warm and inviting environment to welcome its members and visitors. Timberlake Church, a local church with multiple branches in Washington state, extends its hospitality from the outside through the inside of their churches using signs, banners, and displays. 

Signs And Graphics Express Timberlake Church Culture

RainMaker Signs had previously cooperated with Timberlake Church for several signs and graphics across their locations, including some ADA room signssidewalk A-boards, and church banners. Altogether, these visual communications create a welcoming path with clear directions that lead visitors to the church. At the same time, it develop a supporting environment that facilitate church members to gain sense of belongingness to their church family. In this project, Timberlake Church Bothell worked with RainMaker Signs for two welcome banners. Serving both the Woodinville and Bothell community at the Woodmoor Elementary School, this Timberlake branch was only launched last year. The new church banners will help the communities to get to know the church and its offerings. Along with the multiple forms of church signs and graphics throughout the facility, they consistently depict Timberlake Church's energetic spirit and familiarize the emerging church's members about the church's missions, values, and beliefs. 

Church Banners Support Activities And Events

church welcome banner Bothell WA Rainmaker Signs.jpgConcerts, gatherings, camps, sermons, etc., these are some of the activities and events Timberlake Church organizes to bring their members together. When it comes to these occasions, decorations are an essential element that carries out the theme by setting up the right atmosphere. Timberlake Church Bothell's two vinyl banners are ideal decorations that can be used in any of the church's functions. The big "Welcome" on the banner shows the church's warm reception of its participants. The tilted squares with different shades of green on the background demonstrate refresh, regeneration, and energy, which are all Timberlake Church's organization spirits. 

The banners can be used both outdoor and indoor, depending on the church's activity venue. Since they are made with quality vinyl material and printed with digital ink-jet printer, they are highly durable and have vibrant colors that are less prone to fading. 3" pocket holes are reserved on the top and bottom of the banners to insert poles or rods for hanging. Aside from pole pocket banners, RainMaker Signs also made hems and grommets banners for Timberlake Church, which is used in their Redmond location. 

Welcome Your Participants With Visuals

quotes for signs, graphics and displays

Event banners and displays transform a space and set it up as an event venue. Participants are more likely to enjoy the event in a nicely decorated environment relevant to the occasion. See RainMaker Signs' Portfolio for more banners and church signs.

Prepare for your remarkable event beginning with some attractive banners! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Event Signs, Banners, Church Signs And Graphics

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