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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice's In-Store Advertising Wall Murals -Bellevue,WA

by Yuki Chan on April 3, 2018

custom wall mural for Bellevue WA restraurant by RainMaker Signs.jpg

Torey Enterprise, the franchisee of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, entrusted RainMaker Signs with the production and installation of wall murals at the beverage shop to prepare it for their Bellevue grand opening.

Fresh And Delicious CoCo Bubble Tea From Taiwan

custom restraurant wall murals by Rainmaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpgIf you love bubble tea and Taiwanese hand-shaken beverages, you've got to check out CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice! With more than 2,000 franchises across the globe, CoCo's bubble teas are rapidly sold at the rate of 100 cups per second. Bubble tea is a milk tea drink with chewy tapioca balls originated in Taiwan. CoCo also offers a variety of other beverages as well. Customers can even customize their drinks by adding different flavors and toppings. Click here for CoCo's menu.

CoCo's United States franchises are located in New York, New Jersey, California, and Washington. To drive store traffic, promotions are frequently held and free parking is available for customers.

Brand Promotion With Vibrant Retail Wall Graphics 

RainMaker Signs creates custom restraurant wall murals  for this Bellevue WA Bubble Tea.jpgRainMaker Signs produced and installed in-store advertising wall murals in three different in-store locations. Each of these graphics are designed to promote different information about the CoCo beverage brand. As a new brand in a new community, it is crucial for the brand to fit in by raising brand awareness and familiarizing the community with the its unique offerings. One of the wall murals at CoCo shows a world map listing their broad menu options and inform customers that they are the world's largest bubble tea chain. The other two graphics emphasize the freshness of the brand's products as their ingredients are sourced from the best places. Collectively, these vibrantly colored visuals created a refreshing environment for CoCo's customers.

The custom wall murals are digitally printed on premium vinyl (a material known for its quality and durability) with RainMaker Signs' in-house HP Latex Inkjet Printer. A layer of matte finish lamination was applied on the vinyl surface to prevent scuffs and scratches. Since Torey Enterprise arranged the project with RainMaker Signs before the construction at the store was completed, our designer made adjustments as necessary to minimize visual impact after taking into account objects such as outlets, thermostats, and switch boxes.

Encourage Customers To Return With Appealing Retail Graphics

Wall murals and graphics are part of the overall physical setting and atmosphere customers experience during their visits to a retail location. They are visual communications that connect a brand with its customers. See RainMaker Signs' Portfolio for more retail wall graphics.

custom wall graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signsOther than wall murals, RainMaker Signs also produced a custom banner to help CoCo advertise during pre-opening. Contact RainMaker Signs to get all the signs, graphics, and displays you need to prepare for your business' opening! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

  • custom restraurant wall mural installation by RainMaker Signs for Coco.jpg
  • restaurant wall mural production by Rainmaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpg

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