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Company Values Wall Graphics Endorse Quality Services - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on April 28, 2016


As a security services provider, AS Solutions works very closely with their clients. To cultivate trust in their clients and potential clients, AS Solutions contacted RainMaker Signs for custom office wall murals and graphics that highlight their company values and service standard guarantee. 

"Keeping Our Clients Safe, Happy, And Productive" 

create-inspiring-wall-art-for-your-business-bellevue-wa-rainmaker-signs.jpgWalking into AS Solutions' new relocated Bellevue office, clients, visitors, and partners can immediately feel the security firm's passion and high standard regarding their services. The company values wall graphics RainMaker Signs designed, produced, and installed also help remind AS Solutions' employees about their professionalism.  

Visuals (including graphics and brief text) are the best and most effective way to create impressions and set up expectations to its viewers (learn more about the benefits of visual communication in this blog post). There are various wall graphics AS Solutions wanted in their new office:

  • A giant wall mural in the hallway that shows AS Solutions' branding on a world map (meaning that their business serves around the globe).
  • Wall graphics at the conference room showing the company's motto, "It's not what we do. It's how we do it."
  • A graphics that says "Keeping Our Clients Safe, Happy, And Productive," indicating that AS Solutions always think from their clients' perspective and make decisions based on their clients' benefits.
  • A "word cloud" graphics full of key terms that describe AS Solutions' services in the waiting area. 

(Check out the photos at the end of this article to see all the new AS Solutions wall graphics along with a sneak peek into our production process.  )

All these new graphics are placed in areas in high traffic, common areas of the office where clients and employees will view them every day.  They help create a positive office atmosphere, support a collegial work environment, and instill confidence in clients who entrust AS Solutions with their security. 

Service Quality Approved By Service Experts

"We’re very happy with the work and it gives the office a whole new feel when getting in in the morning. Especially the word cloud, it's getting a lot of comments."                                                                    - Tommy Christensen
                                   Director of Operations for AS Solution North America


Our RainMaker Signs team is so glad to hear the above positive feedback from Tommy Christensen, the Director of Operations at AS Solutions North America. Having this nice quote from our client, a security business whose success based on high quality service standard, is an assurance that RainMaker Signs delivers satisfactory products and services to our clients. Our RainMaker Signs team is also very excited with the news that we are producing more office graphics for AS Solutions' Bellevue and Honduras office. 

To best serve our clients' needs, AS Solutions and RainMaker Signs both provide tailor-made solutions that aim to be value-adding to our clients' businesses. In this office wall graphics project, RainMaker Signs' detail-oriented graphics expert conducted site analysis for material testing, measuring dimensions, and obtaining design inspirations. We also sent color samples to AS Solutions to ensure that their branding and company values are displayed in the best effect. In addition, all the graphics are being laminated for durability and scratch resistance. 

Company Values Wall Graphics Projects

Request-quote-wall-graphics-bellevue,WARainMaker Signs has helped many businesses with signs and graphics that showcase their company missions and values. Learn more about company values wall graphics in this blog post. Check out our Portfolio blog for more company values wall murals/graphics we produced and designed.  

Working with businesses and institutions on ways to spread their values and missions is always a mind-opening opportunity for RainMaker Signs. Share with us your business principles! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

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