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New Conference Room Frosted Window Graphics Create Inspirational Workspace - Portland, OR

by Yuki Chan on October 19, 2016


Howard S. Wright's New Downtown Portland office has all the necessary facilities that lead their team to success and innovative creations. RainMaker signs created and installed the finsihing touches with idea-stimulating office wall murals and frosted window graphics.

Well Recognized Reputable Northwest Builder


When Howard S. Wright was acquired by The Balfour Beatty Construction of Dallas in 2011, the Texas buyer's spokesperson explained why they have a particular interest in the hundred years old Northwest Builder. They said Howard S. Wright is known for “doing the job right the first time, in a way that has earned them repeat business instead of just earning money.” This cannot be made possible without the synergy from their dynamic team. 

Especially in the construction industry, it requires all participants to work as a strong team in order to bring a skyscraper from blueprints to life. The studio, workshop, and conference rooms at Howard S. Wright's new Portland, OR office are particularly designed for team meetings and conferences. The quality of workplace has a direct relationship with the quality of work delivered. Howard S. Wright's Seattle office that RainMaker Signs installed office signs and graphics two years ago is a successful example widely reported by different publications as inspirational workplace that everyone would love to work at. See The Business Journals and Daily Journal of Commerce's articles for an inside peek of the builder's Seattle office  and spot the lobby sign and frosted vinyl graphics we produced. 

Office Frosted Window Vinyl Promotes Team Effort

Custom_designed_frosted_window_vinyl_production_RainMaker_Signs_Seattle_Bellevue_WA.jpgUnlike the "Focus rooms," which was decorated with an infrastructure wall mural, the workshop and the studio can be identified with custom cut frosted window graphics. Covering a majority of area of the glass windows, the graphics are actually construction blueprints with the name of the room. By having a closer look at the spellings, you will realize the ingenuity of these office frosted graphics designs, the "O" of "Workshop" and the "T" of "Studio" are construction tools. Not only do they represented Howard S. Wright as a builder, but also matches the goal of these two rooms to make creations and development.

The production of frosted window graphics that are custom cut needs meticulous attention. It took RainMaker Signs a team of three to "weed" out the unnecessary vinyl to create the significant blueprint effect. The intensive work paid off once the vinyl was precisely installed on Howard S. Wright's workshop and studio glass windows. The application of these office frosted window graphics set up a private work area with adequate lighting that promotes productivity. It encourages viewers to bring on their working mode and contribute as a team. Check out more office frosted window vinyl benefits in this blog post. 

Office Signage Spread Organizational Culture

New Call-to-actionAn organization that takes pride in their mission, vision, and values would not hide it among themselves. However, they would boldly express it with signs, graphics, and displays to communicate and share to their members, employees, partners, and customers. RainMaker Signs' Portfolio has more frosted vinyl graphics

Great visual communications make great things happen. RainMaker specializes in brand expressions with the most prominent methods. Call us at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.

Topics: Frosted Window Vinyl, Conference And Meeting Room, Office Space, Construction Company Signs And Graphics

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