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Construction Barricade Graphics For New Daiso Location - Ontario, CA

by Yuki Chan on April 6, 2016


Daiso, the Japanese dollar store, is rapidly expanding its business in North America! After a recent renovation of its Tukwila location at the Southcenter Mall, Daiso is planning to open a new store at the Ontario Mills Mall in California. RainMaker Signs is honored to be the sign studio that produced and installed retail barricade graphics for both of these locations. 

Barricade Graphics Promote a Unique Dollar Store Shopping Experience

Daiso-graphics-onatrio-CA-RainMakerSigns.jpgDaiso is a Japanese 100-yen shop (dollar store) originated from Japan. The international brand set foot in 26 countries with 3,660 store locations across the globe. And in the United States, they own 49 stores in California, Washington, and Texas. Daiso has a very different market positioning compared to other dollar stores. In addition to low cost, quality, variety, and uniqueness are three other competitive advantages of the Japanese retailer. In a Daiso store, you can find a broad variety of quality products at an attractive pricing, including: kitchen utensils, clothings, gardening tools, Japanese snacks, and electrical accessories, etc.. 

Aside from products with high cost performance, consumers also place high value in a pleasant shopping environment. To ensure customer delight, Daiso has been working with Satoh Brothers International, Inc., a California-based design, construction, and development company to renovate existing Daiso locations and set up new stores. And Satoh Brothers has entrusted RainMaker Signs with the task to produce and install construction barricade graphics for Daiso stores that are under construction. 

Countrywide Signage Project Management

vinyl-graphics-rolls-for-retail-barricade-graphics-ontario-ca-rainmaker-signs.jpg"Looks great! Thank you. Glad we contacted you."

- Satoh Brothers International, Inc.

Thank you for working with us again, Satoh Brothers. Our RainMaker Signs team is glad that this interstate project went smoothly. It is not uncommon for out-of-state companies to partner with RainMaker Signs on projects in Washington or other states. We offer project management services to help you break through geographical restrictions and manage your signage projects with ease. 

In this project, Satoh Brothers provided RainMaker Signs with the dimensions of the barricade. The barricade graphics were produced with quality vinyl and HP latex inkjet printer in our in-house studio. The production of this giant barricade graphics has to be broken down into sections like wall paper in fifteen 50" W x 11" H panels (as seen on the image above). In addition to production, our project coordinator reached out to the Ontario Mills Mall in California to schedule a convenient installation time in order to minimize disruptions to mall operations and mall visitors' shopping experience. This blog post gives you some insights on finding a Professional Installer for your barricade graphics project.

Early Marketing With Barricade Graphics

request-quote-barricade-construction-wall-graphics Opening soon? Market your business' opening in advance with Barricade graphics. It is an effective visual communication that raise your brand's awareness and provide information for shoppers about what products and services you will offer. For More Benefits Of Barricade Graphics, check out this blog post. 

Check out our Portfolio page to see How Other Retail Owners Market Their Brand During Constructions

RainMaker Signs is ready to help you kick start your construction project with barricade graphics. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. 

Topics: Wall Murals And Graphics, Barricade Graphics, Retail Merchandising Signs And Graphics

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