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Retractable Banner & Table Throw Drive Traffic At Events - Redmond, WA

by Yuki Chan on April 17, 2017


As experienced event vendors, Ayush Herbs and Ruved have worked their way up by gradually adding different displays that help them set up a professional booth at the trade shows, events, and expositions they participate. 

Event Displays That Show Professionalism 


RainMaker Signs first started working with Ayush Herbs and Ruved in February 2015. The first two displays that we produced for them were a back wall pop-up display and a podium graphics. And subsequently, two long table throws were added to their trade show display collection. In this project, Ayush Herbs and Ruved come to us again for a retractable banner and a round table cloth. 

The image on the left is a booth that Ayush Herbs and Ruved set up at the Natural Products Expo West Show in Anaheim, CA during March. The assortment of displays being put up absolutely presented a professional and appealing image of both brands. The blue curved pop-up display that features the Ayush Herbs brand with a glacier and a plain gives a sense that the ingredients used in Ayush Herbs and Ruved's health care products are organic and natural. Along with the new Ruved retractable banner produced in this project that highlighted the catchphrase, "Better Health Starts Here," it achieved the event displays' purpose to grab people's attentions in the venue. 

Multiple Displays That Adapt To Event Needs

high_qualtiy_custom_retractable_banners_Rainmaker_Signs_Redmond_WA.jpgDifferent events, expositions, or trade shows take place at different types of venues and locations. To adapt to these different environments and learned from their past experiences, this is why Ayush Herbs and Ruved have been adding new displays to their event gears. The new event retractable banner (as seen on the right) is 48 inches wide. Supported with a 3-piece pole, the banner can easily recoil into the base unit. And when the whole banner is disassembled, it becomes a small rectangular piece that perfectly fit inside a portable case. If Ayush Herbs and Ruved decided to replace their current banner in the future, they do not need to pay any additional cost for a new stand as the current stand can be reused.

Ayush Herbs and Ruved now have three event table throws - one Ayush Herbs long table throw, one Ruved long table throw, and their newest addition, one Ayush Herbs round table throw. Due to a restriction of space at the different venues, tables either in rectangular or circular shape will be used. These event table cloths will be used according to the booth space available while making a stunning impression to event participants. All three table throws were produced with a dye-sublimation method that uses heat to vaporize ink to print on silky finish fabrics. The finished products reflect a vibrantly-colored graphics of both Ayush Herbs and Ruved's brand colors and unique characteristics. 

WOW Your Event Participants With Dedicated Displays

quotes for signs, graphics and displaysThe existence of a variety of trade show displays (retractable banners, pop up displays, table throws, EZ tube displays, etc.) is to help a brand create a memorable impression in special occasions such as events, expositions, and trade shows. The displays being put up show the dedication and seriousness of a business towards the occasion. See RainMaker Signs' Portfolio page for more custom table throws and trade show displays and trade show displays

Attending a trade show soon? Work with RainMaker Signs to ensure your success at the event. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Event Signs, Health Care Services Signs And Graphics

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