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Daiso's Barricade Graphics At Southcenter Westfield Mall - Tukwila, WA

by Yuki Chan on February 2, 2016


Have you ever shopped at Daiso? Their Southcenter location is now under renovation to provide a better shopping environment for its customers. RainMaker Signs is the sign studio that produced the retail shop's construction barricade graphics. 

Premium Dollar Store From Japan

daiso-barricade-southcenter-mall-before-graphcis.jpgIf you have to spend a dollar, you will be amazed with the values that you can get with that dollar at Daiso. "Surprises and fun," these are what the Japanese 100-yen shop (dollar store) expect its customers to find in their stores. Daiso is an international retailer that carries a wide variety of products developed in house. The international brand associates its success with their three strengths business concept: quality products with low price, wide selection of products, and unique ideas.

As a business that aims to deliver good customer experiences, a welcoming and inviting store environment is something Daiso strives to maintain. To improve their retail environment, Daiso is working with Satoh Brothers International, Inc., a design, construction, and development corporation, to renovate Daiso's Tukwila store (by the Seafood City entrance) at the Southcenter Westfield Mall. The store is currently closed during renovation and will return in February 2016 with more quality Japanese products and a new storefront. 

Barricade Graphics That Comply With Mall Requirements

retail-barricade-graphic-printing-services-westfield-southcenter-mall-rainmaker-signs.jpgMall tenants are required to install barricades during construction to minimize disturbance and unwanted harms to shoppers and mall operations caused by noise, dust, and debris. Different malls have different requirements for their tenants. And at the Southcenter Westfield mall, it is mandatory for tenants to put up barricade graphics to preserve the image of the shopping center. Aside from that, the design of the barricade graphics has to be reviewed by Westfield mall before installation. 

In this project, Satoh Brothers contacted a vendor provided by the Westfield mall to get a reusable barricade for this renovation project's short-term use. After the barricade was built, our RainMaker Signs site survey team took measurements of the barricade before proceeding into production. Daiso's barricade graphic is designed by Satoh Brothers, and RainMaker Signs' designer helped to rescale the design for a better fit on the barricade and a perfect visual presentation. 

RainMaker Signs understands that a primary goal of a shopping mall is to create a great inviting environment for their shoppers. RainMaker Signs is willing to coordinate that by offering after mall hours installation to minimize any inconvenience to the mall and the retail client. We try our best to accommodate any of your needs and provide quality products and efficient installation to help you kickstart your construction project.   

Let Your Customers Anticipate Your Opening

request-quote-barricade-construction-wall-graphics Barricade graphics is a bold and attractive visual presentation that shoppers will definitely look at. The brief information on an effective barricade graphics is memorable to its viewers. Barricade graphics not only help you to construct your shop effectively, but also build anticipation of your opening among your customers. It is also a great chance to help other fellow shoppers to get to know your brand and what you can offer once you are in service. 

To help you kick start your barricade graphic project, here is a blog post about More Benefits Of Barricade Graphics. A great installer is also extremely important in a successful barricade graphics project, find out what 5 Qualities A Professional Installer Should Have

Check out our Portfolio page to see How Other Retail Owners Market Their Brand During Constructions

RainMaker Signs is ready to help you with your renovation project. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. 

Topics: Barricade Graphics, Retail Merchandising Signs And Graphics

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