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Envision Future Progress With Brillio Office Lobby Sign - Bellevue,WA

by Yuki Chan on June 22, 2017

Environmental graphics lobby sign RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

Brillio, an India international tech enterprise, relocated their Seattle office to the aFive Corners Office Building in Bellevue. Moving into a new place, Brillio decided to get a bold lobby sign to enhance their employees' sense of affiliation.

Digital Evolvement Maximizes Capability For Greatness

Rainmaker Signs environmental graphics custom lobby signs Seattle WA.jpg

The world of business today relies strongly on big data - the huge sets of data gathered from different sources, such as consumers and day-to-day business operations. Crunching and analyzing the data help businesses to better understand their current circumstances and to make improvements to advance their competitive advantages in the market. However, it can be time consuming to organize this enormous data into effective uses. This is where Brillio comes in, creating digital and technological solutions that facilitate business through digital evolvement and transition. Brillio's digital engineering and big data analytic support their clients' future development and strategic planning. Some of the industries Brillio serves includes financial institutions, retail, pharmaceuticals, and utilities, etc. Seattle and Silicon Valley are Brillio's only two West Coast offices. 

Lobby Sign Reflects Brillio's Care for Their Employees

custom lobby sign letters and logos Rainmaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

The diverse team of passionate, creative, and entrepreneurial employees at Brillio propels the tech company to continuously unlock their clients' potentials and to transform obstacles into opportunities and strengths. These missions cannot be completed without strong organization commitment among employees. The addition of the Brillio lobby sign displays an important symbol (just as our country flag!) commonly shared by every member of the organization. The office lobby sign also enhances job satisfaction and sense of belongingness in the workplace

Brillio's new office signage is made of quality acrylic dimensional letters. Using 3/8" and 1/8" thick pieces and incorporating both white and lime green Brillio brand colors, each letter is a 1/2" thick composite with two layers of acrylic. This special material choice was chosen by Brillio after their visit to the RainMaker Signs' showroom. Come visit us too or check out this blog post about the various lobby sign materials we offer. The thickness of the signage adds dimensions to the Brillio logo. Especially when viewing it from the side, the lime green layer adds style to the whole space. After selecting the design and material, RainMaker Signs' designers created mock-ups to verify the details with our client. Once ready, the sign letters were affixed on Brillio's Bellevue office wall with flush stud mounts.  

Your Brand, Your Vision, Seen At The First Sight

New Call-to-ActionEvery brand is unique as it is created based on its owner's vision. Putting branding in the lobby or anywhere people will be sure to notice establishes that important first impression. See more brands express themselves in the form of lobby sign in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio!

Decide on your lobby sign with these four questions. Get yours now! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.

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