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Expedia Decorates Office With Unique Window Graphics - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on February 27, 2018

Expedia Civica Building New window environmental graphics Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Take another peek at Expedia's Civica office! In addition to office wall graphics, RainMaker Signs also produced and installed frosted window graphics for the online travel company's new office. 

New Office Space For The Growing Travel Booking Tech Company

environmental window graphics for Expedia Rainmaker Signs Seattle WA.jpgFounded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft, Expedia has been rapidly growing. As worldwide consumer demand on convenient online travel booking increases, Expedia has developed into a global company. The travel company now has 3,000 employees locally and had outgrown its Bellevue headquarter office.

Last year, Expedia announced their plan to build a 600,000 sq. ft. campus in Seattle to accommodate the expanding business. The company expects to be moving its main operations to Seattle in 2019. But before the new campus is ready, Expedia was moving some of its employees to a temporary office at Civica Office Commons buildingEven if it is a temporary office, Expedia considers it important to establish an energetic and inspiring environment for its employees. RainMaker Signs is honored to be working with some of their construction partners to produce and install fun office window graphics and wall graphics at their Civica office. 

Pacific Northwest Outdoor-Themed Office Graphics 

custom office window graphics for Expedia.com Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Whether it is the hallways, the windows, the walls, the conference rooms, or the open offices, you can see Pacific Northwest outdoor-themed graphics all over the office. The addition of these graphics show Expedia's local ties. Working with JPC Architects, RainMaker Signs produced and installed two sets of office frosted window graphics: animal-themed distraction banding and mountain-themed conference room graphics.

Showing wild animals like moose, rabbits, bears, and sasquatches encased in triangles, the goal of the animal-themed frosted graphics is to warn and prevent people from bumping onto the glass walls or windows. These types of graphics are installed at several private offices, phone rooms, and small meeting rooms. On the other hand, the mountain-themed graphics feature local mountains, such as Mt. St. Helens, give names to conference rooms. All these natural themed graphics make Expedia employees feel at home with "natural scenery."

Office Window Graphics That Truly Represent Your Brand

"The Expedia team at Civica has moved in and we have heard a lot of great feedback, the badges and graphics have been a hit. Thank you and the whole RainMaker team again for all the hard work in delivering under a very tight schedule."
- Eric Reiter, JPC Architects
It was a satisfying experience for RainMaker Signs to cooperate with JPC Architects to decorate the Expedia office with meaningful graphics. Most important of all, it is great to hear that the graphics achieve their purpose to entertain their designed audiences. See more office graphics and tech company graphics in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio. 

frosted window films bellevue waWork with RainMaker Signs today to create an effective work environment with signs and graphics! Call us at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

  • frosted window vinyl graphics for Expedia Bellevue office Rainmaker Signs.jpg
  • Expedia Civica Building New window environmental graphics Rainmaker Signs.jpg

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