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Expedia Office Wall Graphics Take Employees To The Wild - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on May 15, 2018

Expedia.com Bellevue office environmental graphics Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Before Expedia moved to its Civica Office Commons building office, their construction partners contacted RainMaker Signs to produce and install local and nature themed wall graphics and window graphics. 

Planning A Bon Voyage With Expedia

Rainmaker Signs environmental wall graphics for Expedia.com Bellevue WA.jpgExpedia's mission is to "revolutionize travel through the power of technology." It is doubtless that the travel booking tech giant has achieved this mission. With Expedia, travel booking had never been made easier with just a few clicks away. Through partnership and acquisition, it continuously advances its offerings for travelers across the globe. Today, Expedia operates more than 200 travel booking sites in over 75 countries and supplies the reservation of 500,000 properties, more than 500 airlines, and over 25,000 activities globally. As of quarter three 2017, the company's gross bookings reached $86 billion with users reserving 302 million room nights from their site. These accomplishments explain Expedia's rapid expansion and the need to set up more offices. 

Office Wall Graphics Create "Work Hard, Play Hard" Atmosphere 

custom office wall graphics for Expedia.com by RainMaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpg

Entrusted by  JPC Architects, RainMaker Signs produced and installed 27 wall badges for Expedia's Civica office. In conjunction with the other wall murals and frosted window graphics in the office, the wall graphics show Pacific Northwest natural destinations (e.g. Mt. Hood and Cascade Mountains) and outdoor activities (e.g. kayak & canoe and camping). These vibrant and outgoing graphics will definitely motivate and inspire Expedia employees to enhance their users' travel experiences. Moreover, employees will certain be brought closer together as they share the common enthusiasm of traveling and the fondness of our local sceneries. RainMaker Signs was excited to hear great feedback from our client:
"The Expedia team at Civica has moved in and we have heard a lot of great feedback, the badges and graphics have been a hit. Thank you and the whole RainMaker team again for all the hard work in delivering under a very tight schedule." 
- Eric Reiter, JPC Architects

Office Graphics For Tech Companies

RainMaker Signs had the honor to work with many tech companies. One thing for sure is that their offices are very vivid and energetic with interesting signs and graphics. Check out more office graphics and tech company wall graphics in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio. 

custom wall graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signsTo precisely bring Expedia's exciting graphics to life, RainMaker Signs conducted site analysis to take note of installation locations, measure dimensions, and perform material tests. Get expert signage help from RainMaker Signs! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

  • envornmental graphics for Expedia offices Rainmaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpg
  • environmental office wall graphics for Expedia.com Rainmaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpg
  • office wall graphics for Expedia Bellevue offices Rainmaker Signs.jpg

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