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New Building Sign for Safeway Albertsons Beverage Plant - Bellevue, WA

by Deborah Scott on June 3, 2015


Mergers can lead to co-branding which can lead to new signage.  That was the case for this Safeway Beverage Plant located in Bellevue, WA.  Following the January 2015 merger of Safeway and Albertsons, a new exterior sign was required for their local production facilities (see recent article on Safeway Bread Plant Rebranding).  When the Safeway plant contacted RainMaker Signs about designing, fabricating and installing a new exterior building sign for their production facilities we were thrilled to offer our services.  

The Albertsons Safeway Beverage Plant is a large active facility, with large semi trucks coming and going at an active clip all day long.  In the short few hours it took to remove the old sign and install the new sign, it became apparent how important the sign is to the operation of the business.  On a most basic level, this is what I observed.

Building Signs

beverage-plant-sign-production-bellevue-wa-rainmaker-signs1) Suppliers and Distributers.  These independent and company managed truck drivers deliver supplies and pick up orders for distribution to Albertson Safeway stores across the pacific northwest.  These drivers rely on highly visible signage to navigate to and from the loading docks.  The new sign is on the job 24/7 helping drivers know that have arrived at the correct location.

2) Employees - In the process of removing the old sign and installing the new, several employees came out to the sign location to snap photographs of the changing sign.  Many of these apparently long term employees have a strong sense of identity and pride associated with where they work.  Something as simple as changing a building sign may signal a change in their broad sense of affiliation.

wide-format-building-sign-rainmaker-signs-bellevue-wa3) Community - The Albertsons Safeway Beverage Plant in nestled into a rapidly changing area now known as the Spring District. The area is under development and a large, highly visible sign creates pride in the community as businesses, large and small, build their futures together to transform a neighborhood.  As a neighboring business, we are proud that we were given the opportunity to support this local business with new signage.

While I typically stick to the hard facts about the benefits of signage in my writing, this particular sign conjured a deeper, more intangible sense of purpose.  (Of course I also imagined a Willy Wonka - ish factory inside this huge facility magically transforming flavors and colors to create amazing new beverages.)

At RainMaker Signs we believe great visual communications make great things happen.  Putting up this new sign for Albertsons Safeway was one of the many shining examples of the truth of that belief.

If you are re-branding or new a new exterior signs for your business give us a call.  We'd love to help you create a meaningful change for your business.   855-806-7446 or 425-861-7446 or email answers@RainMakerSigns.com for a free consultation. Let RainMaker Signs help your small business get noticed and attract new customers!

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