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Fall City Bistro's New Monument Sign After Rebranding - Fall City, WA

by Yuki Chan on March 27, 2017


Conveniently located on State Route 203, Fall City Bistro is a restaurant offering American cuisine cooked with the finest natural and organic ingredients. After updating their brand, they come to RainMaker Signs for a new restaurant monument sign that helps their customers to identify them more easily. 

Diversifying Offerings For Customer Satisfaction


As a foodie, the Fall City Bistro is another restaurant that I would definitely love to try. In addition to his insistence on using fresh and organic ingredients in his cuisine, Chef Sean Langan often designs new dishes to bring his customers surprises and delights. Check out the Fall City Bistro's Facebook if you want to know what their current fresh sheet is. 

Food is not the only factor of consideration for a good dining experience. The environment, the service quality, and the overall atmosphere are other contributing factors that make the dining experience memorable. As an attraction for customers and to lighten up the mood, the Fall City Bistro organizers different performances, such as live music and drag show. The Fall City Bistro tries their best to diversify their offerings to create an unforgettable experience for their guests, making them eager to return. The new monument sign at Fall City Bistro will be part of the environment that the diners experience. It helps to assure them that they arrived the correct location and generate the excitement and anticipation of the delicious food they are about to have. 

A Pleasant Monument Sign Installation Experience


Our RainMaker Signs team had a wonderful installation experience while putting up the exterior monument sign for Fall City Bistro. Southeast to the Fall City is the beautiful Mount Si, and Fall City Bistro's location is the perfect spot to get a good view of the mountain. This brings a cheerful mood to our installation team and makes it ultra-satisfying when seeing the finished work of the restaurant signage. 

Before installation, the design and production process must have been gone through. The ultimate goal of any signs and graphics is to be seen and mark a presence. This is also the same for Fall City Bistro's new monument sign after their rebranding. To ensure that, RainMaker Signs' design team rescaled the graphics to the right proportion that can be clearly seen by diners and even passersby from a distance. And a good design need good materials to extend its durability. Using top of the line black cast vinyl material, the new sign is equipped to endure different weather conditions, no matter rain or sunshine. Not just the material, the installation preparation is also a key to how long a vinyl graphics will stay on its substrate. In order for an adhesive vinyl to be long lasting, a smooth installation surface is required. This is why, prior to applying the vinyl material, our installation team carefully cleaned the panel with alcohol, to get rid of any dust or grease particles. 

A Sign That Greets Your Guests Upon Their Arrival

quotes for signs, graphics and displays

"Welcome to Fall City Bistro!" Showing greetings is one of the fundamental functions of a monument sign. Did you know that there are five types of monument sign available? Check them out. Having a monument sign is one thing, but having a monument sign that can actually be noticed is another! Here are four tips to help your monument sign stand out among the others if you have to share a space with other nearby tenants. 

RainMaker Signs is a professional signs and graphics studio that offers a wide variety of visual communication to help our clients express their brands and support their campaigns. See our Portfolio for more monument signs and exterior signs. We look forward to be your signs and graphics extension team. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Outdoor Signs, Restaurant Signs And Graphics

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