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Frosted Vinyl Logo Graphics Welcome SnapChat To Seattle - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on April 12, 2016


Welcome to Seattle, SnapChat! Our RainMaker Signs team was very excited to work with you on a custom glass door window graphics at your new office.  

SnapChat's Expansion To Seattle

snapchat-door-logo-rainmaker-signs-seattle-wa-1.jpgSnapChat is an image messaging application launched in 2011. Unlike other text messaging applications, SnapChat differentiates itself by focusing on photo and video conversations. It is a rapidly growing tech startup founded in California and soon expanded its offices to New York and now Seattle.  

In October 2015, a SnapChat advertisement appeared on a billboard of State Route 99 in Seattle. It looked like it was just a random advertisement, however, it was actually a hint of SnapChat's expansion to Seattle. Geekwire successfully tracked down SnapChat's temporary office in Seattle based on the ad. After months of developing the SnapChat Seattle team, the tech company decided to grow its Washington business with a bigger office in the First & Stewart Building, the exact same building where Facebook started off its operations in Seattle (Source: Geekwire). With the joining of SnapChat, Seattle is growing to become the next favorite home of many big tech companies, including Google, Facebook, eBay, Hulu, etc. 

Iconic Frosted Window Vinyl Graphic Logo That Says Welcome

snapchat-seattle-wa-frosted-window-vinyl-rainmaker-signs.jpgNew office comes with new signage and graphics that inform visitors, clients, and the neighborhood about its presence. Signs and graphics are also unique objects that enhance employees' sense of belonging and organizational commitment. As a business that delivers fun in people's everyday life, SnapChat's success came from its energetic and motivated team. Just by watching this video about the SnapChat Venice Team, you can feel the company's enthusiasm and envision how innovative their work environment would be. 

In SnapChat's new Seattle office across the Pike Place Market, RainMaker Signs helped install a frosted glass film logo graphics on the glass door of the office's entrance. SnapChat's signature ghost icon welcomes anyone (visitors, business partners, and employees) that passes through the door on behalf of SnapChat. The fun door graphics is a good representation of SnapChat's exhiliarating company culture and ignite employees' energy and passion about their work. Just like how we are, RainMaker Signs loves working with businesses with an energetic culture, we look forward to helping SnapChat Seattle with more unique signs and graphics projects. 

Create Your Innovative Workplace With Graphics

A workplace has a direct relationship with employees' performances. RainMaker Signs has helped businesses of many industries create their innovative workplace. Read this blog post about How We Helped Google Use Wall Graphics To Inspire Employee Creativity. Learn more about the Benefits Of Frosted Window Vinyl Here. Our Portfolio page has More Examples Of How Frosted Vinyl As Value-Adding Components In Offices

New Call-to-actionMake your employees feel home at your space with signs and graphics of your brand and company culture. Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com to start planning on that.

Topics: Window Graphics, Frosted Window Vinyl, Tech Company Signs And Graphics, Door And Entrance

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