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Memorial Window Graphic For The Washington State Patrol - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on May 24, 2017

Washington State Troopers Memorial window graphic Rainmaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpg

"Thank you for your service and sacrifice." Paying a tribute to the fallen troopers, the Washington State Patrol Bellevue division got new landscaping, flag pole, and window mural for the memorial service on the Memorial Day. Check out this blog post for a recap of the services on that day. 

Honoring And Saying Thank You To Those Who Served 

print for washington state patrol memorial window mural eastgate bellevue wa.jpg

A country's prosperity can only be made possible with stability. And our state troopers and patrol officers take on the important responsibilities to oversee and maintain everyday law and order to achieve social peace and stability. Their selfless dedication is something we can all appreciate and  learn from. Especially to those we lost in service of our country, the Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for us to pay our respects. 

"Their duty was to serve. Our duty is to remember." This powerful phrase is printed on the window mural RainMaker Signs produced and installed for Washington State Patrol. In addition, these influential words can be found engraved on the granite monument below the Temple Of Justice in Olympia. As the exact saying was stated in the 2005 Congressional Record Volume 151, we should always remember and recognize the great acts of our heroes and do our best to show supports and condolences to their loved ones. 

Window Mural Shows Gesture Of Respect 

installing washington state patrol memorial window mural rainmaker signs bellevue wa.jpg

Thinking the addition of the window graphic would be a warm gesture and wonderful surprise for the memorial area and the families of the fallen troopers who were attending the service, Washington State Patrol entrusted RainMaker Signs with this meaningful task. Since Washington State Patrol is a referral from another client, our team strove to deliver the best quality of work in order not to disappoint their endorsement. 

Before the production process, RainMaker Signs conducted a site analysis to measure dimensions of the window and to evaluate the installation site. After our designer cropped the image into the best visual presentation, the graphic is printed on 70/30 perforated window vinyl at our in-house studio. This kind of material allows the transmission of natural light into the building. It also establishes a one-way vision for people inside the building to see the outside view. Considering that it was all rainy around the Memorial Day, RainMaker Signs' installation team used some blue tarps to keep the rain from the window during the installation. A scissor lift elevated our installers to reach the window. 

A Visual Reminder That Salutes To Our Heroes

It was a huge honor for RainMaker Signs to work with the Washington State Patrol. Thank you for the compliments from Lieutenant Jacobson about our work:

"All I can say About RainMaker Signs is Absolutely Blown away. Their Customer service and the ability to come together and meet an extremely tight time line was nothing short of spectacular.....Thank you to Deborah Scott and the Team at RainMaker Signs. Working with such a professional team was just awesome."

- Lieutenant Geoffrey Jacobson

Request-quote-window-graphics-bellevue,WASee more window graphic examples in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio. Visual graphics is a great way to record things that are worth remembering. Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.

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