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High School Wall Graphics That Support School Pride - Monroe, WA

by Yuki Chan on May 9, 2016


Go Monroe Bearcats! A lot of education institutions put up wall graphics around campus to create a positive learning environment for their students. Rainmaker Signs designed, produced, and installed two wall graphics for Monroe High School to highlight their school spirit and energy.  

Learning Sportsmanship From The "Bearcat"

bercot-boxing.jpgMonroe High School's school mascot is "Bearcat," but do you know why? In fact, the high school's mascot was originally the Panthers before it was changed to the Bearcat on October, 1924. "Bearcat" is actually the nickname of a legendary Monroe boxer, Dode Bercot. People named Bercot as the "Bearcat" as he was "strong like a bear and fast like a cat." Before becoming a boxer, Monroe was a high rigger. He started boxing when he was nineteen and won over 100 main event bouts since then. One notable incident during Bercot's boxing life is that he lost sight of one eye during an injury. However, he did not give up on himself and fought for seven more years before retiring. To honor Bercot and his spirit, Monroe High School changed the name of their school athletic teams into the Bearcats. For More Information About Bercot's Legendary Life, check out the Monroe Historcial Society And Museum. 

The Monroe High School Spirit

"Monroe High School is focused on helping students to create and pursue good, positive opportunities for the future."

                                                  -  John Lombardi, Principal of Monroe High School

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play a huge part in Monroe High School. And RainMaker Signs can fully feel the school's sportsmanship and energy when our wall graphic experts conducted site analysis on their campus. To get design inspiration, our wall graphic experts walked around the school to review interior design and other preexisting inspirational graphics in the gym, cafeteria, and hallways. The final product is two wall graphics that state "Bearcat" and "Power" installed by the staircase near the school cafeteria. Students who exit the cafeteria and return to their classrooms will for sure see the wall graphics. They are certain to spread positive energy and cheer for Monroe students.  

The Exact Wall Graphic You Want

school-wall-mural-detail-vinyl-rainmaker-signs-seattle-wa.jpgThe most important part when designing Monroe High School's wall graphics is to exactly match the school's navy and orange color. In order to achieve that, our RainMaker Signs design team secured a physical paint sample from the school and match it with similar colors on the Pantone Color Bridge Guide. Based on the codes obtained from the Pantone Guide, we produced samples and match it with the color of the school. 

We want our client to have wall graphics with the best visual presentation. During the initial site survey, RainMaker Signs also took measurement of the walls and conducted material test to find the right vinyl with the right adhesiveness for the project. We care about client satisfaction and strive to make it right the first time as we understand that a wall graphic is a long term investment that will influence any environment for many years to come. If you are thinking about adding wall graphics to your school, university, college or daycare, here is a Guide To Help You Buy Quality Wall Graphics.


Learn more about How Signage Can Create An Effective Learning Environment from here

Check out our Portfolio page to see other beautiful wall graphics we have recently completed.

Want to start your wall graphic project? This is all you need to know. Need professional help for your wall graphic project? RainMaker Signs is there for you. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

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