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Job Safety First! Howard S. Wright's Job Box Graphics - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on May 29, 2017

construction company job box graphics Seattle WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Welcome back, Howard S. Wright! After the signs and graphics projects at your Seattle and Portland offices, RainMaker Signs is excited to be working with you again to produce and install meaningful graphics on your job box. 

Dedication To Create "Zero Harm" Job Sites

tool box graphics for construction job site RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpgHoward S. Wright is the builder of many of our communities' important architecture and landmarks. As the builder of the Space Needle, our famous Seattle skyline would not be complete without their contribution. And the employees, workers, and contractors of Howard S. Wright form a magic crew that brings buildings from blueprints to life. Now a Balfour Beatty company, Howard S. Wright has stronger resources to lookout of the welfare and well being of their employees. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 800 construction workers lost their life at work in 2014. These tragic incidents can be avoidable by eliminating the"Fatal Four" in a construction site: (1) Falls, (2) Electrocutions , (2) Struck by Object, and (4) Caught in/between. This is what Balfour Beatty and Howard S. Wright's Zero Harm campaign is about - to establish 100% safe job sites that lead to zero deaths, zero injuries, and zero ruined lives. Learn more about this campaign's initiatives in this video

Construction Signs And Graphics As Reminders 

graphics for construction site job box Rainmaker Signs seattle WA.jpgTo achieve "zero harm" in a construction site, Balfour Beatty and Howard S. Wright invest and adopt advance technologies and equipment including backup and blind spot sensors, four-dimensional building information models, and virtual jobsite software, etc. Aside from that, construction signs and graphics are placed throughout the jobsite to remind workers to stay alert to any potential danger and safety hazards, no matter for themselves or their colleagues. The job box graphics RainMaker Signs worked on is an example of the construction site graphics you will see in any of Howard S. Wright's working projects. 

Howard S Wright Job Box Graphics RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpgThe original color of the job box is bright yellow, which creates a great contrast with the color of Howard S. Wright's logo and the campaign logo and slogan. Produced according to the dimensions of the box, the graphics and vinyl lettering fit perfectly. The job box now sends out a warm and caring message from Howard S. Wright to its employees, reminding them to prioritize their safety at all times.

Effective Promotion With Signs And Graphics

quotes for signs, graphics and displaysPutting graphics on an object that their workers have frequent encounters with is an effective way for Howard S. Wright to promote job safety in their workplace. RainMaker Signs' professional designers and installers can tailor graphics that align with your brand and campaign on any shapes and objects. Check out our work in our Portfolio.

Signs and graphics, with their impressive and flexible forms of presentation, they can make sure that your messages are being heard. Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.

Topics: Outdoor Signs, Construction Company Signs And Graphics

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