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Kirkland Urban Construction Site Monument Sign Remodel - Kirkland, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 13, 2017


The city development project that transforms Kirkland Parkplace into a mixed-use center Kirkland Urban is in full swing! As the construction progresses, more construction signage such as construction fence banners and park post-and-panel signs are added to keep the neighborhood updated about this exciting project. The newest addition to the construction site is a monument sign that RainMaker Signs remodeled to add the branding of Kirkland Urban. 

Increasing Signage Around The Perimeter Of The Construction Site

Monument_Sign_New_City_Developers_Kirkland_Downtown_RainMaker_Signs_Kirkland_WA.jpgKirkland Urban, the 1.1 million square footage construction site that consists of shopping mall, office, and apartments, has already broken ground this past Spring. Expected to be completed by 2018, the project developers, Talon Private Capital and Ryan National Commercial Real Estate Firm, are busy overseeing a smooth operation of the construction and attracting businesses and residents to reside. 

Responsible for the construction site signage production and installation, RainMaker Signs installed banners and exterior signs surrounding the perimeter of the job site. As the project is broken down into several phases, the signs and graphics help distinguish the different construction zones, whether it is a site under construction, demolition, or pending to be worked on at a later stage. For example, the construction site monument sign refaced in this project is located right on the piece of land that will become the new office building of Wave and Tableau, the two tech companies who already signed a lease with Kirkland Urban. 

Monument Sign Remodeled To Welcome Future Tenants

Monument_Sign_Construction_Site_RainMaker_Signs_Kirkland_WA.jpgOn the Kirkland Urban construction site, there is a pre-existed metal monument sign. Since it is located on an area where construction will begin later and right beside the street with ample traffic flow, Talon Private Capital called for RainMaker Signs' help to reface the signage.

Before refacing the monument sign, RainMaker Signs' professional signage team went for a site inspection to acquire the dimensions of the metal stand and decide the ideal material choice. To restore a smooth surface on the metal sign, composite panels were installed. Then, a layer of gloss finish black cast vinyl, a durable and premium vinyl type ideal for outdoor use was used to cover the panels. Last but not least, white cut vinyl letters were applied on the new black monument sign to significantly contrast Kirkland Urban, Wave, and Tableau's branding. 

By putting on the branding of future tenants, it notifies the nearby businesses about their new neighbors and appeals to similar businesses who are looking for new offices. And as other businesses decide to reside in Kirkland Urban, Talon Private Capital can work with RainMaker Signs again to add the branding of these new tenants on the monument sign. Not only it is a courtesy to welcome new tenants, the use of cut vinyl is a high cost-effective signage solution. 

Quality Exterior Signage At RainMaker Signs

quotes for signs, graphics and displaysThe finished sign appears to be a quality exterior sign made of finely polished black stone. It is like a cornerstone that lays a solid foundation for Kirkland Urban's development. See more monument signs RainMaker Signs produced. There are five types of monument signs, learn about their differences here

RainMaker Signs specializes in signs and graphics that can adapt to any purposes and environments. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Outdoor Signs, Construction Company Signs And Graphics

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