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Mobica Reinforces Company Values With Lobby Sign - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 22, 2017

Mobica company values display signage by RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

Mobica, a software company, has two regional offices (one in San Jose, CA and one in Bellevue, WA) in the United States. As its business in Bellevue expands, Mobica has relocated to a new office at the Newport Tower. RainMaker Signs produced and installed various signs and graphics for the new office. 

UK-Based Tech Company In Factoria Neighborhood

environmental graphics company values by RainMaker Signs Seatle WA.jpgHeadquartered in Wilmslow, United Kingdom, Mobica was founded in 2004. It develops cutting edge technologies to serve customers on software engineering, user experience, user interface, quality assurance, Internet of Things, big data and analytics, etc.. The industries Mobica's services reach include automotive, mobile, fintech, medical, space, and many others.

Mobica has a team of over 1,000 elite employees working across global offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Poland, and Mexico. Their unity and coordination are necessary factors that keep the software company at its top performance. As a matter of fact, Mobica maintains a less than 10% staff turnover rate. The new office signs and graphics that showcase Mobica's organizational spirit and values definitely strengthens their team's commitment. 

Lobby Sign And Wall Graphics As Brand Ambassador

detail of company values display signs by Rainmaker Signs Seattle WA.jpgIn Mobica's Newport Tower office, the new lobby display is located where it will be encountered by all employees, clients, and visitors upon their arrival. This display is a combination of lobby sign and wall graphics. The acrylic panel depicts the tech brand's logo and the wall lettering state its insightful organizational values. Together, they share Mobica's culture with the viewer. 

Before production of the display, RainMaker Signs sent a crew to the office for a site survey. Important information about material choice, dimensions, and installation locations were obtained to produce signage that precisely match the client's expectations. To help the brand logo stand out from the surrounding graphics, RainMaker Signs suggested the use of a 3/8" thick blue painted acrylic panel as a base with 1/4" thick white painted acrylic letters on top. This presents Mobica's logo with extra dimension, making it the most eye-catching element in the lobby.

Introduce Your Business From The Lobby

The reason for featuring a company's brand in the lobby is to establish a good impression among customers. Click to learn about how customers connect with a business' wall graphics. In addition to acrylic and vinyl, there are other lobby sign material choices as well. Visit RainMaker Signs' Portfolio to see how other businesses decorate their lobby area with signs and graphics.

lobby sign quote request bellevue wa rainmaker signsRainMaker Signs also produced and installed a company timeline wall graphic, conference room graphics, and room name signs for Mobica. Be sure to check them out. Transform your office to inspire your employees and customers, give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.

  • company values display by Rainmaker Signs.jpg
  • Seattle WA company display values with wall graphics RainMaker Signs.jpg

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