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New Barbershop Location's Retail Display Signs - Redmond, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 12, 2017

perforated window vinyl display for weldon barber Redmond WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Weldon Barber, an upscale barbershop in Washington State, opened up its eighth location in the Whole Foods Center Redmond. To deck the new shop with their branding, Weldon Barber worked with RainMaker Signs for some retail display signs.

Unique Customer-Oriented Barbershop Experience

retail signs for Weldon Barbers Redmond WA Rainmaker Signs.jpgWeldon Barber's founder Suzette Nordstrom built the business in 2004 based on her husband's frustration to find a haircut place that respects and honors their barbers' professionalism. Today, the barbershop becomes a local go-to haircut place for many residents in West and East Washington. Weldon Barber's services include haircut, neck shave, scalp massage, shampoo, wax, and color. There are many factors that set the barbershop apart, one of them is the strong relationship and trust between customers and their barbers. 

“Our customers trust our professional and talented barbers to provide an experience that consistently delivers excellent service.”

- Suzette Nordstrom, owner of Weldon Barber (Source: Redmond Reporter)

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority of Weldon Barber. A nice and comfortable service environment, friendly and professionally trained stylists, and consistent and customized care are what customers enjoy during their visits. 

Retail Signs Create Strong Customer Impressions

Weldon Barber retail Display Signs RainMaker Signs Redmond WA.jpgFrom the exterior to the interior of Weldon Barber Redmond, there are retail signs and graphics that show the barbershop's branding. On the outside, the building sign and blade sign enable customers to easily identify the store. And on the inside, the lobby sign and the window displays ensure enough brand exposure throughout customers' grooming experience. Click here for a retail merchandising signs and graphics checklist

RainMaker Signs produced printed perforated vinyl for Weldon Barber Redmond's window display signs. These retail window displays are hung by the barbershop's glass windows. Passersby or customers on either side can see the displays. Moreover, the shaded acrylic panels add privacy to the store as its opacity prevent outsiders to have a clear view of the inside. The repetitive and consistent branding in the store marks a strong impression of the Weldon Barber brand to customers. 

Decorate Retail Windows With Your Brand

It is inevitable for people to be attracted by retail windows, wondering what the store is offering or what their newest products are. Do not waste these "windows of opportunities," take advantage of them to promote your brand. See more retail graphics and displays in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio

request a quote signs graphics displays rainmaker signs bellevue waRainMaker Signs specializes in design, production, and installation of effective visual communication. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com to discuss how we can support your business. 

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