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New Building Sign For Relocated McGuire Bearing Company - Kent, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 21, 2017

company name building signs in Kent WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

McGuire Bearing Company has three locations in Washington: Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane. Their Seattle branch had been relocated to the Northwest Corporate Park in Kent. With a new location, a new building sign was needed to help customers locate the bearing product distributor.

 Sixty Years Of Quality Products And Services

Kent WA dimentsional letters building Signs RainMaker Signs.jpgFounded in 1954 in Portland, Oregon, McGuire Bearing Company is a family business selling a broad variety of power transmission products. Growing from a small shop in Portland, the McGuire name is now a well known brand in the Pacific Northwest. The distributor sources globally to find quality products and offers professional services that add value to customers. According to Don McGuire, founder of the company, “The customer was king,” and he developed his business to be one with policies tailored to customers' needs. 

The Seattle location was McGuire Bearing Company's first Washington branch. Since it was established 55 years ago, it supported many local industries and businesses. In 2006, it was relocated to a 9,700 sq. ft. location on the Michigan St. in Seattle. After ten years, it moved to Kent. The new location increases the distributor's warehouse capacity by 40% thus enabling them to better serve their customers' needs. 

Exterior Sign In Compliance With Landlord Requirements

building_dimensional_dynafoam_letters_RainMaker_Signs_Kent_WA.jpgWhen moving into a new place, the best way to settle in is to put something that showcases your presence.  For a business, branding the space with signs, graphics, displays, and colors that represent their brand is the way to do it. However, if you are leasing the space, like McGuire Bearing Company does, you have to make sure that any signage or graphics are in compliance with the sign requirements on your lease (Click to read How To Make Sense Of Sign Requirements On Your Lease!). 

McGuire Bearing Company's new outdoor signage was designed based on their logo and their landlord's sign requirements. Although there are restrictions on the requirements, RainMaker Signs strove to help our client maximize their signage. Our design team created mock-ups to illustrate several design suggestions. In the end, McGuire Bearing Company chose a version of their logo that displays their brand name in one horizontal line. The dimensional letters are made of 2" thick Dynafoam, a durable material frequently found in construction elements and automotive applications. Underneath the white letters is a shade of orange/brown vinyl that highlights the offerings of the McGuire brand.

Building Signs Assure Destination Arrival

request a quote signs graphics displays rainmaker signs bellevue wa

"You've arrived at the McGuire Bearing Company." This is one of the messages customers receive as they see the McGuire Bearing Company building sign. It helps them make sure that they came to the correct place. See more exterior building sign examples in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio! 

Help customers generate a good impression of your business before they enter your store! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.  

Topics: Outdoor Signs, Retail Merchandising Signs And Graphics

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