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New Lobby Sign Design for Guidant Financial - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on November 9, 2015


Guidant Financial is a well-established financial institution that has been serving the Bellevue-Seattle area since 2003. And recently, they have made an important decision to relocate to a new office space that offers a more comfortable servicescape for their clients and employees.

A New Sign For A New Location

As an expert in the financial industry, Guidant Financial understands the benefits of investing in their brand.  Prior to their relocation, Guidant Financial had an old lobby sign. Instead of reusing their old lobby sign, Guidant Financial decided to get a new sign to better fit their new office space and exhibit their new logo. Of course, by reusing a lobby sign, you can save some costs and have a more flexible budget. However, your old lobby sign might not be a good fit in your new office space. There is a chance that your old lobby sign might be too small or too big for your new lobby. As a result, its effectiveness as a wayfinding tool will be significantly reduced. Check out this guideline about getting a perfectly sized reception sign for your office space. 

Science Sparks Lobby Sign Inspirations

Lobby-signs-Steel-Panel-Before-After-RainMaker-SignsWhat's unique about Guidant Financial's new lobby sign is the panel used to set off brushed silver aluminum letters! You might have noticed that this panel looks completely different from the more traditional acrylic panel lobby sign. This panel is actually made of steel. To create a natural rusty look on the panel, RainMaker Signs worked with Allied Steel, a steel fabricator in Redmond, to convert a piece of silver-looking steel into a cooper-looking panel within one day. Isn't science AMAZING!? To make the rusty look possible, Allied Steel treated the metal with Hydrogen Peroxide, Salt, and Vinegar to speed up the oxidizing process. This kind of treatment is an imitation of CORTENĀ®, a new form of rust-like metal that has high resistance to corrosion. This distressed rusted look has emerging popularity in interior design fashion.  To increase the durability of the rust-look panel, a layer of clear coat was painted on the panel to seal in the rust power that might otherwise leave stains on materials with a lighter shade (such as the wall the lobby sign is mounted on). 

What Was Impossible Is Now Possible

Things always sounded impossible before people give deep thought to it. This same principle also applies to the operation of businesses and the creation of lobby signs. Guidant Financial and RainMaker Signs are both businesses who like to constantly innovate to offer the best services to our clients. As B-2-B businesses, we have all been through the same troubles, doubts, and obstacles that you are experiencing. Let us help. RainMaker Signs looks forward to innovate with you to create an unique lobby sign that brings your company immeasurable value. Visit our Lobby Sign Portfolio page to our other recent lobby sign projects.  

Bring That Perfect Lobby Sign To Life

New Call-to-ActionRainMaker Signs can't wait to hear about your business' story and help you to create that perfect lobby sign. Talk to us. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

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