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Office Frosted Graphics For The Seattle Met Entrance Door - Seattle,WA

by Yuki Chan on July 25, 2017

window graphics for Seattle Met Rainmaker Signs.jpg

The frosted door vinyl above features SagaCity Media and its publication, Seattle Met. Produced and installed by RainMaker Signs, the door graphics will be seen by the media office's neighbors, employees, and visitors. 

Discovering And Sharing The Uniqueness Of Our Cities

lobby door window vinyl for Seattle Met by Rainmaker Signs.jpgSagaCity Media is a content creation company that publishes in both print and web media. As suggested by its name, what's unique about SagaCity Media is that its publications focus on revealing and discovering the latest local sensational events, findings, and lifestyles in their publication cities. The Seattle Met for Seattle, the Portland Monthly for Portland, the Houstonia for Houston, and the Saratosa for Saratosa are the media company's city lifestyle publication collection.  

With an office at Downtown Seattle, Seattle Met can be called as a local expert that knows everything about the Emerald City. From what to eat, what's going on, where to go to, or what to do in Seattle, you can find it all on the Seattle Met website and its magazine. It was so excited for RainMaker Signs to work with SagaCity Media to reinforce its branding in their office location. 

Glass Door Graphics In Lieu Of Door Signage

frosted window film for Seattle Met reception doors Rainmaker Signs.jpgSagaCity Media does not only publish their own magazines, they also create contents for their publication clients. Thus, their office also expects clients and visitors. The new office frosted graphics on the Seattle Met's entrance door are a good substitute for a door signage. While the size of a door sign is restricted by space, the door graphics are a bold and significant presentation. It is certain that SagaCity Media's visitors can easily identify their destination. And according to Bonnie Barcellos, Sagacity Media's Human Resources Manager, they get good feedback about the new look of their door:

"And we love our office doors – they’re getting lots of compliments."

- Bonnie Barcellos, Sagacity Media Human Resources Manager

The media office graphics are composed of both frosted glass film and white vinyl cut out letters. These two different materials were installed on different sides of the door (the frosted vinyl behind the door and the vinyl lettering on the entrance side of the door). Prior to the installation, the door handles were removed to ensure a seamless application of the vinyls. The white lettering and the carved out vinyl show the names of SagaCity Media and Seattle Met along with the names of the cities that SagaCity Media has publications at and the type of contents they specialize in. These information made the piece self-explanatory about the work nature of the office. 

Privacy And Branding With Window/Door Graphics

frosted window films bellevue waThe newest graphics addition at SagaCity Media's office do a lot more than just putting a name to their office space. The frosted vinyl establishes privacy that avoid outside distractions and create a peaceful workplace for their employees. Read more about the benefits that frosted glass vinyl delivers

See more related work in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.

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