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Office Lobby Sign For OpenSquare's Inspiring Workspace - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 21, 2017

lobby sign for Open Square Bellevue Seattle WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

OpenSquare is a Seattle company that offers inspiring workspace creation products and services. As they relocated their office to the Georgetown neighborhood, they called for RainMaker Signs' help with an environmental graphics project including an office lobby sign, wall graphics, and window graphics. 

Innovative And Inspiring As Main Goals Of Workspaces

envronmental graphics dimensional lobby sign Rainmaker Signs Bellevue Seattle WA.jpg

Established in 2013, OpenSquare is the product of alliance of two renowned space transformation businesses, Bank & Office Interiors and Barclay Dean. Bank & Office Interiors is an 82 years old full-service office furnishings dealer and Barclay Dean has 67 years of experiences in providing quality products and services for offices. Sharing the same values and commitments of sustainability and community building, the two organizations decided to join forces to better serve businesses in the Pacific Northwest. 

"Your workspace. Your workstyle." This is OpenSquare's simple but far-reaching slogan and also their delivery promise to their clients. Literally explaining their slogan, OpenSquare creates workspaces based on businesses' workstyles. Different businesses have different needs and workflows. The environment, the design, and the use of space are matters of great importance to a business' productivity and work quality - both are qualities that can yield competitive advantages. They create workplaces where innovation is encouraged and inspiration can be easily found.

Office Signs And Graphics Spark Creative Thinking

dimensional environmental graphics lobby sign Rainmaker Signs Bellevue Seattle WA.jpg

Walking into OpenSquare's lobby and waiting area, visitors will come across a white wall with a subtle logo of the company. Although the office signage is also white in color, that did not make it invisible. But instead, it marks a strong presence in the space with the foam dimensional letters. This effect is what OpenSquare requested when they came to RainMaker Signs for the project. The color white depicts simplicity, goodness, safety, and a successful beginning. The addition of the lobby sign helps OpenSquare's employees to transition to their way day. The whole waiting area also became an appealing showroom to the innovative workspace builder's clients. 

At the initial stage of the project, RainMaker Signs' sign experts paid a visit to OpenSquare's office to advise on dimensions and gather information to create mock-ups. Encompassed by the other environmental graphics we produced and installed for OpenSquare, the office is transformed into a meaningful community that is open-minded for innovation. The space is great for engagement and collaboration, an important part of the company's values and driving forces of its success in customer satisfaction. 

Lobby Sign As A Brand Spokesperson

lobby sign quote request bellevue wa rainmaker signsThe use of a signage is a form of visual communication that captures the essence of a long explanation. It summarizes the diverse values of a brand. With the different lobby sign materials available, it precisely illustrates a brand and presents it to the targeted viewers at a quick glance. Check out the other locations a lobby sign can be installed.

Be inspired! See our Portfolio. Create a work environment where people love making progress! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.

  • lobby sign for Open Square Bellevue Seattle WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg
  • lobby sign Open Square Rainmaker Signs Bellevue Seattle WA.jpg

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