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Office Stair Mural At Aegis Living New Headquarters -Bellevue,WA

by Yuki Chan on March 20, 2018

custom corporate stair murals by RainMaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpg

Aegis Living, the Bellevue, Washington based senior care company opened a new home office last year. RainMaker Signs was delighted to work with them again on an office stair mural after installing a wall display at one of their their Queen Anne location. 

Dedicated Senior Assisted Living For Communities

corporate stair mural Aegis Living Bellevue WA RainMaker Signs.jpgDwayne Clark, CEO and founder of Aegis Living, established the business in 1997. With past experiences of senior care facilities as depressing and dreary places, Clark decided to revolutionize the assisted living industry. After twenty years, Aegis Living has become the leading senior care provider operating 28 facilities across Washington, California, and Nevada. In addition, it has been selected as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in America by Glassdoor in 2017.

To cope with the big expansion plans coming up, the senior care provider relocated their headquarters to a 25,600 sq. ft. office. As a people-oriented business, Aegis Living not only has sophisticated senior housing facilities but also an innovative workplace perfect for work-life balance. The new Bellevue home office has a tree house, massage room, open kitchen, float tank, BBQ, croquet set, etc.. The stair graphics RainMaker Signs produced and installed is one of the many displays and art pieces throughout the office that showcase Aegis Living's values, mission, and culture. Check out this article by the Bellevue Reporter to get a sneak peek of this amazing office.

Durable Office Stair Graphics Created With Attention To Detail

custom corporate wall murals by RainMaker Signs Bellevue WA.jpgAegis Living's office stair graphics show the face of a beautiful old person with wrinkles. Walking past this bold visual presentation everyday reminds employees their mission to provide great care to the elderly. To bring this meaningful graphic to life, a site survey was conducted to take measurement of the stair, conduct material tests, and take images of the site to illustrate design proofs.

Since the graphics are installed on the stair risers, the area which is often kicked and scuffed as people walk up the stairs, RainMaker Signs applied a heavy-duty graffiti-free laminate on the vinyl to resist scuffs and scratches. The material tests conducted also played an important role to ensure that the vinyl will firmly adhere to the stair risers. Another crucial detail of this project is the presentation of the mural. It is essential for the end product to display a face in entirety rather than just pieces of a face that cannot be viewed as a whole. In order to envision the finished effect, RainMaker Signs' designers adjusted the proportion of the original graphic and created design proofs showing how it would look broken up on each of the stair risers. Aegis Living is pleased with RainMaker Signs' work and has asked our team to return to install custom wall murals in a number of their facilities. 

Build The Workplace People Want To Work At With Office Graphics

One of the reasons why Aegis Living moved into a new office is to increase employee retention. Having a work environment that encourages employees to come to work lays a strong foundation for success and innovation. See RainMaker Signs' Portfolio for more innovative offices with energetic office graphics

office signs office graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signsBring inspiration to employees with signs and graphics! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

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