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Office Wall Mural Marks Strong Brand Presence - Arlington, WA

by Yuki Chan on September 20, 2018

Custom wall mural for Seattle Galvanizing by RainMaker Signs

Part of Seattle Galvanizing Company 's plan to brighten up their Arlington office is to add a lobby sign and a wall mural that showcase their brand spirit. RainMaker Signs is honored to be chosen by the largest galvanizer of the Pacific Northwest to execute their impressive branding.

Commitment To Quality Yields Great Products

custom wall mural for Seattle area company by RainMaker SignsSince 1962, Seattle Galvanizing Company has been known for its quality products and services second to none in the industry. With the largest kettle in the Pacific Northwest, the galvanizer uses the purest special high grade zinc with no lead to produce clean steel that has smooth and even zinc coverage. The company uses a hot dip galvanizing technique to protect its steel from rust and corrosion. Seattle Galvanizing Company strives to achieve customer satisfaction through superior product and service lay strong foundation for its success.

To align with Seattle Galvanizing Company's quality-driven brand values, RainMaker Signs fabricated their office wall mural with sophistication. The wall graphics are printed on cast vinyl, a durable vinyl material that has strong resistance against abrasion and fading. RainMaker Signs' in-house wide format HP latex ink printer ensures vibrant and precise colors on the graphics that match client's specific brand colors. During installation, our professional installer applied the pieces of graphics to seamlessly form one complete wall mural that naturally blends into the office environment. Our team is excited that Seattle Galvanizing Company is satisfied with the unique signs and graphics we produced for them. 

"Thank you for the great job!"

- Seattle Galvanizing Company

Effective Wall Mural Expresses Brand In An Instant

wall murals for corporate interriors by RainMaker SignsWhen arriving at Seattle Galvanizing Company's Arlington office, their employees and visitors are greeted by the brushed silver aluminum lobby sign at the reception. After they headed up the stairs to the office space, there is a giant grey mural that fills up the wall along the hallway. The office mural shows different phrases describing the galvanizer's brand, offerings, values, specialties, locations, and features. "Ballard, Arlington, Steel, 1962, Rust Prevention, Cost Effective, From The Earth, 45'x6'x9' Kettle," all these terms create an informative word cloud that tells audiences a lot about Seattle Galvanizing Company. This hallway wall mural exemplifies the meaning of a picture speaks a thousand words. Although grey is a muted color, there are ceiling lights on top that lighten the graphics.

Office Makeover With Signs And Graphics

custom wall graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signsOffice transformation does not have to be a big project that involves remodeling or renovation. Simply with the addition of office signs and graphics, it establishes a refreshing work environment. Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio to see more office signs and graphics.

Showcase your company spirit in the office with visual communication to reinforce employees' sense of belongingness and share that knowledge with visitors, clients, and newcomers. Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.

Topics: Wall Murals And Graphics, Hallway, Office Space

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