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Lobby Wall Mural and Wall Graphic Support Mission, Values, Brand - Bothell, WA

by Deborah Scott on September 11, 2014


RainMaker Signs was honored to design, fabricate, and install office wall murals and graphics for Fast Water Heater in Bothell, WA.  This project was designed to communicate Fast Water Heater's mission and values in their main lobby.  They take pride in how they operate as a company and how they support their clients.  Bringing these values front and center in a brand friendly way only serves to reinforce these positive qualities in the organization.  Lobby wall murals create a big impression to everyone who walks through your door.

Fast-Water-Heater-Lobby-Logo-wall-Graphic-Installation-RainMakerSignsAccording to Jason Hanleybrown CEO of Fast Water Heater "We wanted to accomplish two things with our wall murals – first have a large visual reminder about our core values that our employees see every day.  So, we requested interesting graphics that communicate our Mission and Values at our primary entry ways.  In addition, one of our Values is “Enjoyment” – we wanted to create a positive and enjoyable work experience for our team members."  

Like Fast Water Heater, RainMaker Signs is a customer focused business.  To ensure our customers receiver the best products and service we work closely with our clients through the following steps.

1.  Review Wall Graphics and Design Objectives

2.  Peform a site survey to verify wall measurements and assess viewing angles and disstances

3.  Perform a "wall test" to determine the best materials for the wall surface

4. Create a design that supports the communications objectives, the brand, and physical space

5.  Provide design proof for client approval

6.  Print, laminate and trim wall mural panels

7.  Schedule installation

8.  Install

9.  Quality check

10.  AND importantly - thank our client for choosing RainMaker Signs.

small-CTA-free-ebook-wall-graphics-murals-guide Find out more about the Fast Water Heater project in our interview with Fast Water Heater CEO Jason Hanelyborown.

RainMaker Signs specializes in wide format services including wall graphics, wall murals, window graphics and vehicle wraps.  Interested in learning more?  Find just about everything you want to know about wall graphics here or other informative articles on business wall graphics and murals.  You've got an opportunity and we've got the expertise to help you maximize your advertising and visual communications opportunity.  Together we can create powerful visual impressions to help your organization thrive and grow.

Looking for a way to highlight your brand and values inside your organization?  Wall graphics and other types of signage can create a positive impression and convey messages that last.  Give us a call at 855-806-SIGN (7446) or 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.  The RainMaker Sign Team is always happy to help you out.  Click below to request a quote.




RainMaker-Signs-Fast-Water-Heater-Wall-Mural-2fast-water-heater-mural-installation-bothell-rainmaker-signs  mission-statement-mural-installation-fast-water-heater-rainmaker-signs-bothell  Fast-Water-Heater-Mission-Values-WAll-Graphics-RainMaker-SignsFast-Water-Heater-Reception-Mission-Values-Mural-RainMaker-Signs       RMS-FWH-Values-1  Fast-Water-Heater-mission-values-wall-mural-RainMaker-Signs  mission-statement-mural-installation-fast-water-heater-rainmaker-signs-bothell  Reception-Area-Wall-Graphics-RainMaker-Signs



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