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Conference Room Privacy Window Film Features Accounting Firm Logo - Bellevue,WA

by Yuki Chan on October 5, 2016

Accounting and business consulting firms Hauser Long and Jones & Sas had announced a very important decision earlier this year to merge their well established businesses. Renamed to Hauser Jones & Sas, the new accounting team is fully integrating their branding.  RainMaker Signs helped bring their new branding into their offices with frosted window vinyl and wall graphics. 

Joining Forces For Better Accounting Services

frosted_window_vinyl_for_conference_room_privacy_and_branding_Rainmaker_Signs_Bellevue_WA.jpgServing King County and Pierce County businesses, individuals, families, banks, and credit unions for more than 35 years, Hauser Long and Jones & Sas have been offering professional bookkeeping and financial advice that make them reputable CPAs in the neighborhoods they serve. Forming this new partnership, CPAs Steve Hauser, Roger A. Jones, and Ellen M. Sas synergize their teams to grow Hauser, Jones & Sas. 

With a new brand, Hauser Jones & Sas executed their new logo and brand characteristics in their office via conference room privacy window film and vinyl wall graphic lobby sign. As the producer and installer of these office signs and graphics, RainMaker Signs is certain that they can effectively familiarize the employees with the new changes at their organization. 

Conference Room Privacy Vinyl Support New Brand

professional_office_frosted_window_privacy_Rainmaker_Signs_Bellevue_WA.jpgIt is not an easy job to implement changes throughout an organization.  The office frosted window vinyl plays an important role in terms of assisting members to identify with their new firm name.

Installed in a significant location of the office, the conference room frosted window film is crafted to showoff the new logo of Hauser Jones & Sas. With the design like a shield, the logo signalizes to the accounting firm's employees that they are now a stronger team with more support. The added signage in the office reveals management's dedication to lead the organization to a bright future and reinforces the new branding to employees.

Moreover, when clients come to Hauser Jones & Sas' office for meetings, the conference room window vinyls show them a professional image. The frosted glass film also establishes the necessary privacy and respect for confidential meetings and discussions (see the before and after picture of the meeting room by the end of the post). Click to find out the other benefits of frosted window films

Enhance Your Business With Interior Branding Solutions

Thanks so much Deborah and team for getting the installation done quickly and painlessly! Everything looks awesome.

- Hauser Jones & Sas

Congratulations on the merger, Hauser Jones & Sas! As a Bellevue signs, graphics, and displays company, RainMaker Signs is excited to help our neighbors grow their businesses through our products and services. When designing, producing, and installing new signs for a business, we look forward to seeing how they will enhance our clients' businesses. Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio to see the application of Frosted Glass Films in different industries

New Call-to-actionRainMaker Signs specializes in transforming branding into appealing signs, graphics, and displays. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com 

Topics: Frosted Window Vinyl, Conference And Meeting Room, Financial Services Signs And Graphics

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