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Promotion Window Graphics At Shoes-n-Feet Retail Store - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on July 17, 2017

retail window graphics Overlake Bellevue WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Check out these nice kicks from 361 USA! You can now get them at Shoes-n-Feet at the Kelsey Creek Center. The new advertising window graphics on Shoes-n-Feet's store window increases 361 USA's brand awareness and drive more traffic into the retail store.

Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Feet At Shoes-n-Feet

Overlake Bellevue WA window graphics Rainmaker Signs.jpgOwned by Sports Strategies NW, an education management company, Shoes-n-Feet is not your average shoe retailer. With only two locations (Bellevue, WA and San Francisco, CA), Shoes-n-Feet does not sell online. This is because what they offer is not only shoes, but also the service to help you pick the right shoes for your feet. All Shoes-n-Feet employees are Certified Shoe Fitting Specialists who are experts of the relationship between shoes and our feet. Based on customers' needs, the specialists can advise shoes that match the foot shape, correct common foot problems, and get rid of the foot pain from wearing the wrong shoes (we've all been there!). 

Offering just athletic shoes, Shoes-n-Feet is organizing a Be You 5K Training Program that creates a community for beginning 5K runners who seek for support and guidance. Click for more information

Window Advertisement For A New Brand

retail window advertising overlake Belleuve, WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg"Run like a leopard in these fast and soft shoes!" This is the instant message Shoes-n-Feet's promotion window graphics deliver. Placed right by the store entrance door, the white and bright advertisement marks a strong presence in its surroundings. It encourages shoppers and passersby to head into the store to look for the shoes featured on the ad. 

The showcased shoe is 361 USA's Spire series. 361 USA is a new China-based brand that was just introduced to the market last year. The brand is also listed as the 2016 Olympics' Official Supporter. Aside from listing the benefits (fast and soft) of the running shoes, its major feature (the use of QUIKFOAM material) is stated on the window graphics as well. This appealing advertisement not only precisely depict the product and the brand but also highlighted the storefront by adding a focus point that draw people closer due to curiosity.

Grab The "Window Of Opportunity" With Graphics

RainMaker Signs is honored that Sports Strategies NW is satisfied with our work and plans to work with us again for their future promotional signs and graphics. Like Shoes-n-Feet's shoes, the advertisement graphics were custom produced to perfectly fit on the retail window. In addition to promotion, a window graphics is a good decoration that instills freshness to a store. See these four tips that will focus customers' attention to you

New Call-to-actionRainMaker Signs' Portfolio has other window graphics we produced and installed based on our client's business needs. Make your window special with RainMaker Signs today! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.  

Topics: Window Graphics, Retail Merchandising Signs And Graphics, Door And Entrance

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