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Reception Desk Signage Shows Howard S. Wright's Branding - Portland,WA

by Yuki Chan on May 1, 2017

builders_custom_lobby_sign_Rainmaker_Signs_Portland_OR.jpgRainMaker Signs produced and installed several different office environmental graphics at Howard S. Wright's new Portland office - including wall murals and remarkable frosted window vinyl. One of the pieces include a dimensional letters signage on the front of their reception desk. The sign represents Howard S. Wright and will greet the construction company's visitors upon their arrival.

An Organization That Makes The Communities Thrive

costom_lobby_signs_portland_OR_Rainmaker_Signs.jpgFounded by Mr. Howard S. Wright in 1885, Howard S. Wright is more than just a construction company. The buildings it established laid a solid foundation for the cities in the Pacific Northwest, which also become iconic symbols of the flourishing communities. Some of these buildings include the Space Needle, the Seattle Monorail, and the Oregon Pioneer Square. 

Howard S. Wright's works contribute to its local community and is an organization who takes actions for social causes. For example, Howard S. Wright and its employees volunteered for the Portland Women in Trades Career Fair and educated women of different ages about their industry. In Seattle, the builder participated in the Rebuilding Together Seattle program that offers home modifications and maintenance for low-income homes and non-profit facilities. Click to read our interview with Howard S. Wright. 

Reception Sign Shows Builder's Hospitality

the_perfect_lobby_sign_installation_Portland_OR_Rainmaker_Signs.jpgBy visiting Howard S. Wright's office, you can feel how people and communication oriented this organization is. The environmental signs and graphics throughout their offices (both Portland and Seattle) carry the theme to showcase their organization spirit. This reception desk signage, for example, shows the logo of Howard S. Wright. That logo is the collective identity that their employees, partners, and customers all recognize. As these individuals walk into Howard S. Wright's office and are greeted by a warm smile from the receptionist, a positive impression associated with the Howard S. Wright brand will be generated. RainMaker Signs also installed a huge lobby sign at the builder's Seattle office. 

detail_for_lobby_sign_production_Rainmaker_Signs_Portland_OR.jpgHoward S. Wright's Portland office reception sign is made of a combination of several materials. The sign letters are made of foam with a layer of gold laminate and blue paint on the surface. The base of the logo is a piece of circular clear acrylic layered with red and white vinyl. Then the circular rim and the letter W (also made of foam and gold laminate) are added on top of the base. To precisely position the letters and logo to the reception desk, a template was being used (as seen above). Howard S. Wright was delighted with the quality of the signage and entrusted RainMaker Signs to produce the same sign for their elevator bank. 

"The space is coming together really well. Appreciate the quality work you do and also for your flexibility in making the schedule work."

- Summer Boron, Marketing Director of Howard S. Wright Portland 

Signs And Graphics Accommodated For Clients' Needs

Conference room wall murals, hallway wall murals, and frosted window vinyls were also installed at Howard S. Wright's Portland office. Learn how a lobby or reception sign connects with an organization's employees. In addition to a reception desk, these are five other ideal locations for a reception sign. 

New Call-to-ActionRainMaker Signs specializes in the customization of signs and graphics tailored to the needs of different brands and organizations. See more lobby and reception signs in our Portfolio. Get your unique signs and graphics at RainMaker Signs! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com  

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