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Replacing Wayfinding Signs For Rebranded Rehab Center - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 28, 2017

parking garage wayfinding Rainmaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

Followed by a rebranding, Rehabilitation Institute of Washington needed to update all the wayfinding signs at their Lower Queen Anne medical service center located on 1st Avenue. 

Restoring Health Through Professional Care

directory & wayfinding signage in Seattle WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

The Rehabilitation Institute of Washington is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers quality rehabilitation and meticulous care services. With a wide array of programs, the institute is equipped with the professionalism to take care of patients with different forms of pain and distress. For example, their Pain Management Program is especially designed to tackle chronic physical and psychological pain. The Work Hardening Program, on the other hand, emphasizes on getting workers back in shape to return to work. One of their notable programs is the Aviation Program which provides Federal Aviation Administration admitted neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for pilots. 

Located just minutes away from the Myrtle Edwards Park and the Space Needle, the 20,000 square foot rehab center is a pleasant environment for healing and recovery. The amenities available at the facility include exercise and therapy equipment, computer stations, occupational work stations, parking, and lodging arrangements. A supportive and attentive outpatient experience is the deliverable every patient at the institute receives.

Directory Signs Enhance Support To Patients

wayfinding graphics and signage Seattle WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

A clear, concise, and thoughtfully planned directory adds up to visitors' experiences when they visit a place. And at Rehabilitation Institute of Washington, their building has good signs and graphics that enable their patients to easily locate them. This reflects their coherent support to their patients from the outside through the inside. 

The rehab institute's whole set of building directory signs includes an outdoor directory, parking direction graphics, elevator directory, and window graphics. RainMaker Signs updated all the signs and graphics that involve Rehabilitation Institute of Washington's branding. A new sign plate was replaced on the outdoor directory. A new piece of vinyl with the clinic's name and logo printed covered the original branding on the parking graphics. New pieces of elevator directory were also added to better assist the building's visitors to navigate their destination. Lastly, window lettering was removed and replaced on the glass door directory. 

A Good Impression Begins Outside The Entrance

Frustrated and lost, these are the common feelings visitors might have when there is no easily understandable directories available in a place. The signs and graphics at Queen Anne Station ensure a good visiting experience. It helps their tenants create a good impression to their customers as well. See more directory and wayfinding signage in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio. Click for an outdoor directory checklist

RainMaker Signs had worked with almost all of the tenants at the Queen Anne Station building. Howard S. Wright and Softchoice are also our clients as well. All Rehabilitation Institute of Washington, Howard S. Wright, and Softchoice are institutions that effectively use signs and graphics outside and inside their space to create impressive service areas. 

request a quote signs graphics displays rainmaker signs bellevue waTransform your space today! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.

Topics: Interior Signs, Outdoor Signs, Wayfinding Signs, Health Care Services Signs And Graphics, Directories

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