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Restaurant Blade Sign For New Takoyaki Kyuuban Location - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on January 23, 2017


The Seattle International District is a place blended with different Asian cultures, including Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. One of the most prominent evidence is the broad variety of Asian cuisine available in the area. In this project, RainMaker Signs installed a blade sign for a new Japanese snack stall located inside the Uwajimaya Asian supermarket.

Blade Sign Grabs Attention of Pedestrians for Delicious Japanese Snacks At Seattle China Town


 The Uwajimaya is a supermarket that sells different Asian food ingredients, specialty products, and groceries. In its Seattle Flagship store, there is even a food court that serves authentic Asian cuisine, such as Vietnamese Pho, Korean BBQ, Chinese Dim Sums, etc. The newest addition to the food court is Tako Kyuuban, a Japanese food stall that features fresh hot tasty takoyaki and taiyaki. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made with batter, octopus, tempura flakes, green onion, and a special sauce. After trying out Tako Kyuuban's takoyaki, The Seattle Times rated takoyaki as "the perfect snack." And taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake filled with a red bean paste, both very delicious and worth trying! Aside from their new Seattle location, Tako Kyuuban also has a food stall in the Bellevue Uwajimaya.

To set up their new food service area, Tako Kyuuban worked with S&L Architecture Studio from New Jersey. While S&L Architecture Studio was busy decorating and constructing Tako Kyuuban's new food stall, RainMaker Signs was being called to help with a blade sign project. The purpose of this outdoor sign is to catch shoppers' attention before they enter the supermarket. 

Appetite Enhancing Restaurant Blade Sign With Logo


Tako Kyuuban's new blade sign is digitally printed on quality vinyl material with our studio's high resolultion HP wide format printer. A layer of lamination was also added as a protection layer that extends the durability of the graphics. The design of the signage is simple but attention grabbing. Contrasted with a blue background, Tako Kyuuban's logo, a red octopus wearing a white hachimaki (a Japanese headband) that states the Japanese translation of Tako Kyuuban, show a vibrant and attractive image. The red color of the octopus is also an appetite enhancing color that stimulates hunger. The graphics on the signage are being proportionally scaled by RainMaker Signs' designers to present the most appealing visualization. 

The printed vinyl graphics are being applied on two dibond panels. Dibond, an aluminum composite, is a durable material frequently used for outdoor signs. And between the dibond panels, two sturdy metal rods are used as a supporting stand. The blade sign was then ready to be installed outside the new Tako Kyuuban location. Our RainMaker Signs team bolted the sign to the awning of the supermarket and made sure its steadiness, not to cause any potential hazard to any shoppers and passersby. 

Exterior Signs That Drive In-Store Traffic

New Call-to-action

An exterior sign, such as a blade sign, is an extremely important addition to a business. It helps the business' customers and partners identify their destination. And for a restaurant, the design and layout of the exterior signs allow customers to create an instant anticipation of the type of food they will have and make the decision whether they would like to dine in this place. Learn more about what a blade signs and what can it do for you. For more blade signs, see our Portfolio page. 

RainMaker Signs specializes in creating quality exterior signage. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Outdoor Signs, Restaurant Signs And Graphics

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