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Retail Barricade Graphics For Remodeling L'Occitane - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 12, 2018

LOccitane university village window graphics for Seattle WA store Rainmaker Signs.jpg

The L'Occitane en Provence at the University Village was remodeling earlier this year. Their New York agency contacted RainMaker Signs to produce and install window barricade graphics for the construction period. 

Natural Beauty Products From Provence, France

In 1976, Olivier Baussan, a French businessman, founded L'Occitane. He first started the business selling distilled rosemary essential oil in Provence. Later, he expanded the product variety with soaps, creams, fragrances, and other skincare and cosmetic products. Today, L'Occitane has become an internationally known beauty product brand, selling its famous Shea Butter Hand Cream every three seconds. The success of L'Occitane came from its commitment to create natural beauty products. All of their products are made of plants and beehive materials with certified organic formulas. The company is strictly against animal testing. It is noteworthy that L'Occitane is the first beauty product company putting braille on their labels.

Retail Window Graphics At University Village, WA

window graphics for new retail store University Village RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

In fact, the University Village store is the third L'Occitane RainMaker Signs produced and installed retail barricade graphics for. The beauty product brand's New York agency had previously entrusted RainMaker Signs for barricade graphics during the renovation and opening of the Bellevue Square Mall and Pacific Place locations. We had a great time working with them. 

"Thank you so much…it looks great! I hope we do get more work in the Puget Sound area because the feeling is mutual. :-) "

- Moira Finney

With the design and dimensions the agency provided, RainMaker Signs productively printed the graphics to get ready for installation. The barricade graphics are installed on the inside surface of the store's windows. As a result, the graphics are reverse-printed on clear vinyl with a layer of white vinyl added at the back to make it opaque. Barricade graphics are mostly installed on barricades when a space is going through both exterior and interior construction. When only remodeling interiorly, barricade graphics are often times installed just on the windows since the storefront is being preserved.

Build Anticipation Before Re-Opening With Promotional Graphics

All of L'Occitane's retail construction graphics have a consistent design, showcasing their brand, products, and slogan. Shoppers and passersby get informed about the store's reopening time stated on the graphics. Construction barricade graphics provide all the essential information about the closed or coming soon store, giving customers the best alternative services. Learn more about the benefits of barricade graphics and see more retail signs and graphics in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio.

custom barricade graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signs

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