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Runway Backdrop For Neiman Marcus Beauty Event - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on April 18, 2016


Neiman Marcus and MasterCard host a beauty event called the "NM Project Beauty" every year. To prepare their store for the event, Neiman Marcus Bellevue contacted RainMaker Signs for an EZ tube display as the backdrop of their cosmetic runway. 

A "Not To Be Missed" Beauty Event

Neiman-Marcus-display-twitter.jpgShopping the newest beauty products while enjoying some wine and dessert? This is what attending the "NM Project Beauty" event is like. The latest beauty trends and products of a variety of beloved cosmetic brands are featured on a cosmetic runway presented by models (see the runway on the tweet Neiman Marcus posted on the right). Shoppers have the chance to bring home a beautiful tote full of beauty goodies as a gift with purchase.  

After the presentation, there are free make-overs, treatments, one-on-one beauty expert consultations, hair blowouts, manicures, and massages, etc. A $25 reservation fee is required for this event. However, attendees will receive a $25 gift card to be used on purchases. If the reservation is booked via MasterCard, MasterCard will provide another $25 gift card to the attendee. Fun and rewarding are only two of the many adjectives that can be used to describe this event. 

Portable And Easy To Be Stored Event Display

Neiman-Marcus-graphic-backdrop-carrying-case-Rainmaker-Signs-Bellevue-WA.jpgEZ tube displays and pop up displays are the two most common forms of displays used as backdrops or step-and-repeats for events such as press conferences, presentations, movie premieres, etc. (see other types of displays here). Easily stored and portable are the two benefits of these displays. RainMaker Signs provides our clients with a quality silver bag to store and carry the display. The image on the left shows the size of Neiman Marcus' 8 ft. runway backdrop when packed inside the silver bag. When the display is needed for an event, it can be easily assembled within minutes. 

As a retailer, Neiman Marcus frequently hold events to drive traffic into their stores. If backdrops are needed for other events, the EZ tube aluminum frame used to support the backdrop graphics can be reused. Neiman Marcus can work with RainMaker Signs' designers for new backdrop graphics. The backdrop graphics are made of pillowcase-like fabrics and printed with a dye-sublimation method that ensures vibrant colors on the graphics. By zipping the graphic cover on the aluminum frame, it creates tension to tighten the fabric perfectly, showing wrinkle-free graphics. As an option, Neiman Marcus can also install EZ tube LED light at the top of the display if additional lighting is needed for spotlight or outdoor events. 

Show The Theme Of Your Event With Displays

quotes for signs, graphics and displaysAn event backdrop helps reveal the theme and the details of your event. While setting up the display prior to the event, it is guaranteed the display will arouse the interest of passersby, visitors, or shoppers in Neiman Marcus' case, to learn more about the event or even participate. Visit RainMaker Signs' Portfolio page to see what events we created displays for. We also helped out Neiman Marcus for some event vinyl graphics, stay tuned to check it out!

Having an event and need some displays? Contact RainMaker Signs for help! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Event Signs, Retail Merchandising Signs And Graphics, Store Space, Step and Repeats

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