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Samsung’s Seattle Skyline Conference Room Graphics - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 14, 2018

custom interior decor and branding with frosted window vinyls by RainMaker Signs

Multinational conglomerate Samsung established an office in Bellevue for their semiconductor businesses. RainMaker Signs was entrusted to produce and install frosted glass film for their conference room.

World Renowned Brand With Broad Business Offerings

RainMaker Signs custom frosted interior branding for Samsung

Established in 1938, Samsung is a well-known brand whose products infiltrate our everyday lives. The name “Samsung” means “three stars” in Korean and represents “big, numerous, and powerful.” Televisions, mobile phones, washing machines, and laptops, these are just some of their products that we see daily. The Samsung conglomerate has about 70 companies and is involved in many industries including apparel, automotive, electronic components, medical equipment, ships, telecommunications equipment, and home appliances.

In addition to producing their own consumer electronics, the Korean brand manufactures and supplies electronic components (such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and solid state drives). Samsung is the world’s second largest semiconductor company. The Bellevue office will definitely strengthen Samsung’s semiconductor sales and distribution network in the United States market.

Office Conference Room Graphics Show Emphasis In Local Market

custom frosted interior branding for Samsung by Rainmaker Signs

RainMaker Signs produced and installed a Seattle skyline-shapes frosted window vinyl for a conference room at Samsung Semiconductor’s Bellevue office. Our graphics expert had conducted site survey and consultation with client to come up with a design with satisfied their expectation and in compliant with Samsung’s international headquarters standards. During site survey, measurement and images of the installation site were taken for design proof illustration. The design mock-ups ensure client that the finished outcome aligns with their envisioned effect. Using frosted glass film, the office graphics deliver practical and decorative functions:
  • Private discussion environment: the opaque window films conceal part of the view to the conference room delivering privacy to the space for important and focused conversations
  • Safety distraction banding: the addition of the graphics serves as a distraction that prevents passersby from bumping into the transparent glass wall
  • Meaningful office decoration: by featuring the Seattle skyline, the graphics show the office’s local ties in the Greater Seattle market and reinforce employees’ sense of belonging

Check out this article about the other benefits of frosted window films. Samsung is satisfied with the end product and mentioned that they would contact RainMaker Signs again for any future signs and graphics needs.

Custom Office Graphics Make Difference In Office Space

Just like how we decorate our homes according to our lifestyles, aesthetics, and traits, offices are adorned based on organisation values, mission, goals, and characteristics. Through visual communications like signs and graphics, it precisely portraits the organisation image the office represents. See RainMaker Signs’ Portfolio for more office signage, conference room graphics, and frosted window films.

frosted window films bellevue wa

Make your office unique and energetic with signs and graphics that best showcase your brand. Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

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