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Setting Up ERSG's U.S. Division With Office Lobby Sign - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on September 18, 2017

custom lobby signs in Bellevue WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

To serve the rapidly growing energy sector, ERSG, a specialized recruitment organization, expanded to the United States. After its U.K., Germany, and Netherland offices, Bellevue, Washington, is ERSG's fourth international division

Specialized Recruitment Company Residing In Lake Bellevue Neighborhood

technology company lobby signs Seattle Bellevue WA Rainmaker Signs.jpgRainmaker Signs had the honor to get to know about ERSG's business through the process of producing and installing their Lake Bellevue office lobby sign. Founded in 2008, the employment agency has assisted many energy businesses to fill their positions with the right talents. ERSG's candidates are skilled experts that work in the fields of smart energy & utilities, subsea & marine, well engineering, nuclear energy, and wind energy, etc.. In fact, the first project of the Bellevue ERSG branch is to hire wind energy professionals for multi-national clients that operate across the United States. 

As an intermediary between employers and employees around the world, ERSG is an employment platform with "honesty, integrity, and flexibility." It adds value to both job seekers and employers with a high job compatibility - placing the right people to the right job efficiently and effectively. This competitive advantage is what it takes for ERSG to become a leading global energy recruiter. 

Office Signage Conveys Brand Image In New Market

environmental graphics and signs for technology companies in Bellevue Seattle WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Made of 3/8" white acrylic letters, ERSG's lobby sign was installed on an orange wall with stud mounts. RainMaker Signs' installer used a custom template to ensure the precise alignment of the sign letters. Click to learn more about lobby sign materials and the installation processNot only that orange and white are the recruitment company's brand colors, they present enthusiasm, determination, and success. This aligns with ERSG's expectation on their development in the U.S. market. Being influenced by such hopeful message everyday, the recruiter's employees are being motivated to make accomplishments and feel more committed to their organization. 

ERSG's lobby sign can also be considered as a receptionist for the office. It added a sense of permanence for the new brand in their space. When clients come to the office for meetings, and when interviews are set up for candidates and employers, ERSG showcases a professional and reliable image to these visitors. 

The First Impression That Lasts

lobby sign quote request bellevue wa rainmaker signsA brand in a new market should devote efforts in communicating with its targeted clients. Office signs and graphics are important physical elements that build and foster the brand's first impressions to its current and prospective clients. See more lobby sign examples in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio.  

Feature your brand in your office! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.

  • custom acrylic letters for lobby signs Bellevue WA RainMaker Signs.jpg
  • custom environmental graphics & signs Bellevue Seattle WA RainMaker Signs.jpg

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