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Simply Seattle Retail Graphics Feature Chalo Merchandise -Seattle,WA

by Yuki Chan on March 21, 2018

custom retail store branding with wall graphics by RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

Chalo's products are now available at Simply Seattle. To promote the new merchandises in store, RainMaker Signs produced and installed retail wall and window graphics at Simply Seattle's Pike Place Market location.

Souvenirs Capturing The Best Of Seattle

retail window graphics by RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpgSouvenirs are keepsakes people purchase as remembrance of a place they've visited. At Simply Seattle located in Seattle's Pike Place Market, you can find gifts and souvenirs all themed around the Emerald City. A shot glass with a big foot inside, a gold Pike Place piggy bank, a Space Needle shaped pepper shaker, an orca's driver license pouch, the Seattle gift shop's products showcase the city's history, destination, sports, and uniqueness. 

Also sharing the love of Seattle, Chalo designed a line of merchandise about the city's people and lifestyle. Using vivid, bold, and colorful cartoons, the local brand transformed everything that Seattle is known for (e.g. big foot, the Jet City, Sleepless in Seattle, and coffee) into beautiful and practical bags, pouches, mugs, socks, magnets, and pins. Click here to check out Chalo's products at Simply Seattle.

Merchandising Graphics Facilitating Product Promotion

custom interior branding for retail stores by RainMaker Signs Seattle WA.jpgSimply Seattle made the most of an entire wall to display Chalo's products. Above the shelves are wall letterings RainMaker Signs produced that say "Welcome to Chalo corner store." The graphics are applied over a wide pink banding creating a great contrast with the surround environment to make the brand's presence in the store prominent (learn about what SMART wall graphics are). This attention grabbing retail wall graphics also enhances brand awareness by greeting customers on behalf of Chalo

RainMaker Signs custom retail window signage Seattle WA.jpg

On Simple Seattle' shop window, there are letterings that state "Simply Seattle Presents Chalo Inspired by Cities." These retail window graphics  introduce and advertise the Chalo products exhibited behind the shop window. Passersby will sure stop by to check out the merchandising window and even enter the shop for the products. RainMaker Signs produced the window letterings in two separate layers of mirror gold and black vinyls to create the vintage effect client wanted. Since the retail window is located at a high vandalism area, the letterings are installed on the inner surface of the window. Our RainMaker Signs team is honored that Chalo is satisfied with the visual communications we made for their brand:

"You did a great job. We love the result."

- Chalo LLC.

Effective Retail Graphics Customized For Your Brand And Needs

Making your brand look good, getting people into the store, sending a compelling message about your product, these are the goals RainMaker Signs' retail signs and graphics can help to reach. Here are 4 tips to get customers' attentions from their phones to your store

custom wall graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signs

See RainMaker Signs' Portfolio for more retail wall and window graphics. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Wall Murals And Graphics, Window Graphics, Retail Merchandising Signs And Graphics, Store Space

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