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Summit Academy's School Lobby Sign Cheers On Students - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 7, 2018

custom lobby sign for Summit Academy in Seattle WA by Rainmaker Signs.jpg

Summit Academy established its first location in Bellevue, Washington. RainMaker Signs produced and installed a lobby sign at the tutoring center that welcomes and motivates students.

Tutoring Center Builds Foundation For Student Success

school college academy and university interior signage by Rainmaker Signs.jpgServing elementary, middle, and high school students, Summit Academy offers academic tutoring, test preparations, and college admission counseling services. Math, English, Science, and Social Studies are the major subjects the academy tutors. Their counseling program is recognized by the Higher Education Consultant Association. After collective data regarding students' academic performance, consultants formulate personalized college admission strategies and involve families to select the best plan for students.

The academy focuses on more than just grade improvements and admissions to top universities. It aims to build a solid foundation for students' lifelong success. Teachers at Summit Academy provide mentorship to students that prepare them with guidance and life skills through their paths. 

School Lobby Sign Instills Growth Mindset In Students

school college and university custom interior signs by RainMaker Signs.jpgParents and students entering the academy are greeted by a friendly receptionist in front of a custom lobby sign showcasing Summit Academy's branding. The tutoring center's logo features sunrise from a valley with yellow and green colors. All of these components represent hope and growth. The logo part of the new reception signage is made of clear acrylic with vinyl decals at the back while the sign letters are made of back painted clear acrylic. This material choice adds dimensions to the overall signage and more vivid displays Summit Academy's branding. RainMaker Signs presented mock-ups to help client visualize and select the layout and size of the signage. 

Summit Academy had a very tight timeline since the school lobby sign had to be ready by their opening. RainMaker Signs understands how stressful it can be when it comes to an urgent project and the fear of unmet expectations due to rush work. The thorough communications and design proofs helped RainMaker Signs reassure client about the project's progress and outcome. The marble tile wall which the signage is installed on has a very glossy finish. The normal adhesive methods were not strong enough to hold the signage. To overcome that, RainMaker Signs' professional installer scrubbed the area with isopropyl alcohol and used both Very High Bond tapes and silicone to fix the signage in position. Click to learn more about a lobby sign installation

School Signs Generate Prestige For Education Institutions

The adoption of school signs and graphics prepares a learning environment that ignites students' knowledge seeking enthusiasm. In addition, they show a prestigious and reputable image regarding the education institution's education quality. Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio to see more reception signs and school signage.

lobby sign quote request bellevue wa rainmaker signsShow your hospitality to visitors with welcoming and friendly signs and graphics. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

  • detail of school interior sign by Rainmaker Signs.jpg
  • detail of custom interior branding signs by rainmaker signs.jpg

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