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Tech Office Conference Room Graphics Add Privacy And Name - Seattle,WA

by Yuki Chan on April 11, 2017

environmental graphics for technology company conference rooms Rainmaker Signs Seattle WA.jpg

SoftChoice, a Canadian tech company, operates locations in the United States and offers both software and hardware support to U.S. businesses. The Seattle branch of SoftChoice is located on the 1st Avenue of Seattle at the Queen Anne Station. As they move into their new office, they called for RainMaker Signs' help to install privacy window film and conference room name graphics. 

People- And Community-Oriented Tech Company

window graphics with custom conference room names Rainmaker Signs Seattle.jpgFrom an apartment startup to a billion dollar tech organization today in 27 years, SoftChoice's success cannot be made possible without its strong dedication to make a difference - to their clients, employees, the society, and the communities they serve.

Doing what they do best to design and advise on the most effective and efficient hardware and software systems to their clients, SoftChoice has a reliable standard of work quality. Their staff, working in a dog-friendly workplace, are an important asset that fuel the prosperity of both SoftChoice and their clients' businesses. As an enterprise with corporate social responsibility, sustainability, computer literacy programs, and social engagement in the workplace, are on SoftChoice's agenda to make improvements and contributions to our society and communities. The new office graphics that RainMaker Signs installed in SoftChoice's Seattle office support their organization values. 

Vinyl Lettering Features 12 Unique Places In Washington

custom environmental graphics for Softchoice Seattle Rainmaker Signs.jpgWhen taking a tour inside SoftChoice's Queen Anne office, one of the memorable parts will be the vinyl cut out letters that state the different places in Washington on their conference room windows. San Juan Island, Queen Anne, Belltown, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Orcas Island, Alki, Magnolia, Fremont, Ballard, Greenlake, Wallingford, and Pike Place are all thriving neighborhoods in Washington, and now also the names of the twelve conference rooms at SoftChoice. This is a special way to differentiate all the conference rooms in the office and shows SoftChoice's ties and commitment to the local communities their services reach. 

Aside from the vinyl lettering that gives names to the rooms, RainMaker Signs also installed conference room privacy vinyl. Rather than using traditional frosted window film (click to learn about its benefits), SoftChoice uses a vertical line pattern to create privacy to their spaces. This design is consistently used in all other SoftChoice locations. RainMaker Signs is pleased to know that SoftChoice is delighted with the quality of the conference room graphics we delivered.

"We LOVE the window vinyl. LOVE it. I keep overhearing people saying how impressed they are, and how much it makes our office look put-together. It’s been a pleasure to work with you too, miss Deborah! Thank you for everything, and we’ll absolutely keep you in mind for the next project."

- Lauren Wilder, Visitor Coordinator at Softchoice

Window Graphics Support Organization Culture

The conference room window graphics at SoftChoice is a good example that displays the diverse, practical, and meaningful uses of window graphics in an office. Like SoftChoice, RainMaker Signs agree that conference rooms should have names, why? See this blog post for more information.

RainMaker Signs' Portfolio has more interesting window graphics expression! Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.New Call-to-action

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