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Updating Information On Dental Clinic Directory Signs - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 6, 2017


Eastside Oral Surgery called for RainMaker Signs' help to update information on their Bellevue dental clinic's directory signs. The directories now show the most updated information about the location of the clinic and the dentists who provide services there.

Caring Dental Specialists In East Bellevue 


With locations in Renton and East Bellevue, Eastside Oral Surgery practices a wide range of professional oral and maxillofacial (jaws and face) surgeries, including dental implant, bone grafting, and wisdom teeth extraction. With a group of professional and friendly staffs and doctors, Eastside Oral Surgery emphasizes on delivering the best personalized care and comfort to their patients. This experience begins upon the patients' arrivals to the block where the clinic is located. The directory signage in front of the building assists patients and visitors to find their way. The wayfinding sign is also very thoughtful to have included the name of the doctors at the clinic. And right in front of the clinic's door, there is another signage that reassure patients they've come to the correct location. 

Changing Information On Pre-Existed Directory Signage


In this project, RainMaker Signs' task is to change information on the black acrylic building and dental clinic directory signs. The challenge here is that RainMaker Signs did not produce these signages in the first place. Thus, we do not have any information about the font and font size of the texts. However, that did not stop us from fulfilling our client's needs to edit contents on the signs without making additional expenses to get new signs or reface the signs.

To precisely match the new vinyl lettering with the existing ones, RainMaker Signs' professional sign expert took a rubbing of the existing names to obtain the correct dimensions and help our designers match the font. With the perfectly-matched dimensions and font, the vinyl letters were then produced and ready to be installed on the dental clinic signage and the building sign. Before applying the new letterings, RainMaker Signs' installers had to scrape off the irrelevant information from the signs. Using alcohol, microfiber towel, rapid remover, and a plastic scraper, it restore the surfaces of the black acrylics into a smooth finish, leaving no glue markings behind. Our RainMaker Signs team is happy that Eastside Oral Surgery is satisfied with our work.

"Wow! Looks nice - thank you for your promptness."

- Eastside Oral Surgery 

A Prompt Replacement Of The Misleading Information

quotes for signs, graphics and displaysIt is certain that any businesses or institutions have to make changes to the information about themselves at some point. After the decision, it is essential that the new information is well circulated among all relevant members and updated across all outlets. Take Eastside Oral Surgery's building directory signs as an example, if the information was not replaced in a timely manner, it ruins their patients and visitors' overall impression about the clinic. 

We are all aware how important that first impression is, and it often begins even before our visitors enter our building. Check out more exterior building signs RainMaker Signs designed, produced, and installed. Learn how businesses can break through the clutter on a shared signage.

Need new signs and graphics? Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

Topics: Outdoor Signs, Dental Clinic Signs And Graphics

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