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Velo Sports Rehab Adds Window Graphics and Frosted Vinyl - Bellevue, WA

by Deborah Scott on September 28, 2015


When Velo Sports Rehab contacted RainMaker Signs about new window graphics they were in a serious bind!  The company that had committed to producing and installing their new window graphics was a no show and Velo's new offices were scheduled to open the following Monday!  RainMaker Signs was happy to jump in to help a business in need!   

Committed to Product and Service Excellence

Velo Sports Rehab is a sports injury management center located in Bellevue, Washington. Its business model is guided by clinical excellence, superior customer service, and constant commitment to improvement.   We could certainly understand their frustration as the discovered that not all sign companies share similar principles.  As a service business, RainMaker Signs deeply concurs with Velo Sports Rehab's dedication to deliver quality products and services, as well as the constant need to make improvements to better serve our customers. 

Frosted Window Vinyl Supports Client Privacy

Velo Sports Rehab was founded in February 2014 to bring unsurpassed sports injury management and soft tissue treatment to Seattle’s East Side. Their doctors have extensive experience treating athletes of all caliber.  Knowledgeable doctors, an inviting space, and respect for clients and their privacy are all elements of a successful health services provider.   

privacy-window-vinyl-rainmaker-signs-bellevue-waThe vinyl graphics experts at RainMaker Signs worked with Velo Sports Rehab to install frosted window vinyl in their offices.  Velo chose full window coverage to achieve their two objectives: 1) protect patient privacy and 2) retain light and spaciousness for employees and clients alike.  

Frosted or etched vinyl is a quick, attractive, and affordable solution for adding privacy for medical and other professional offices.  It arrives at our studio in rolls hundreds of feet long.  The frosted glass film can be used to fill the entire window, as it was for Velo Sports Rehab, or be used to create upscale etched window designs. 

Professional Window Lettering and Logos

Before the big opening on Monday morning, RainMaker Signs was able to design, print, cut and install Velo's logo, hours and doctors name on the door and window.  An important addition to for building branding, wayfinding, and client confidence in a new business.
In case you are wondering if Velo Sports Rehab was happy with our products and service...  we think the fact that they called us back to fabricate and install a lobby sign is a good indication that we delivered on our promise and formed and great new business relationship with one of our Bellevue business neighbors.  Even better, see the Google review written by Eric DeRoche.  See the news about the new lobby sign here.  

Visit our frosted window graphics page to learn more about options and benefits of frosted windows for your conference rooms and offices.  Visit our window graphics portfolio page or pinterest board to see a range possibilities.

RainMaker Signs specializes business signs, graphics and displays.  We partner with our clients as part of their brand execution team.  You've got an opportunity and we've got the expertise to help you maximize your visual communications opportunity.  Together we can create powerful visual impressions to grow your business and support your company culture.

Give us a call at 855-806-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com.  The RainMaker Sign Team is always happy to help you out.  Click below to request a quote.

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