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Welcoming Reception Sign At Interurban Chiropractic - Tukwila, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 26, 2017


Check out Interurban Chiropractic's reception after their custom made clinic reception sign was installed! The addition of the sign shows reliability to the clinic's patients and presents them a heartfelt welcome as they are greeted and assisted by the receptionist. 

Best Massage Therapist And Chiropractor Of Tukwila


Located on the Interurban Avenue of Tukwila, Interurban Chiropractic is ranked as one of the best massage therapists and chiropractors in the 2016 Best of Tukwila ballot. The professional and friendly team of chiropractors and massage practitioners at the spine clinic dedicates to relieve patients' pains with their technical skills and personalized care. 

Incorrect postures, work injuries, traffic incidents, or athletic injuries can lead to back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscular tension, and even spinal damage. All these injuries require sessions of chiropractic treatments for healing. What's unique about Interurban Chiropractic is that it is one of the few Northwest chiropractors that specializes in the Gonstead technique. Invented by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, the special treatment involves the precise diagnosis and adjustment of the subluxation area. 

Reception Sign Material Choice Conveys Professionalism

detail_brushed_aluminum_on_clear_acrylic_lobby_sign_letters_Seattle_WA_Rainmaker_Signs.jpgJust last year, a remodeling occurred at Interurban Chiropractic's Tukwila location. Part of the project included a new reception in front of the exam and treatment rooms. The silver reception sign RainMaker Signs produced was installed right behind the reception desk.

Before making contact with RainMaker Signs, the Tukwila clinic checked out our Portfolio for reception and lobby sign ideas. For the convenience of our clients, RainMaker Signs' website has listed the different types of lobby sign materials and the different forms of presentations they deliver. Among the variety of options, Interurban Chiropractic decided that letters and logo with brushed silver aluminum on clear acrylic match their image the most. This exact material is a common choice for the lobby and reception signs of professional organizations such as financial institutions, real estates, and health care services. The layer of brushed metal presents prestige and permanence and the acrylic base adds dimensions to the whole signage. 

Your Brand Deserves The Best Form Of Presentation

lobby sign quote request bellevue wa rainmaker signsJust like how you would make a proper introduction of yourself in a professional occasion, Interurban Chiropractic's new reception sign greets patients and visitors with a professional image. Interurban Chiropractic and RainMaker Signs also made plans for new exterior channel letters outside their clinic. See more reception and lobby signs in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio. 

Create an instant presentation of your brand and organization's values and characteristics with signs and graphics! Give RainMaker Signs a call at at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com 

  • brushed_aluminum_dimensional_lobby_signs_in_Seattle_WA_Rainmaker_Signs.jpg
  • lobby_sign_Seattle_WA_RainMaker_Signs.jpg
  • brushed_almuminum_sign_letters_in_Seattle_Rainmaker_Signs.jpg
  • sign_letters_RainMaker_Signs_Seattle_WA.jpg

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