Buyers Guide for Durable, High Quality Mesh Banners

When you are looking for a quality presentation of your brand and project on your construction site fence banners it is good to know what you are buying.  Here is a quick easy checklist to help you buy the right banners for your project.

Mesh Banner Buyer Checklist 

____  Woven min. 9 oz scrim mesh allows 30% airflow necessary for durability and safety

____  Full color, high quality, high resolution printing            all credible companies should offer this

____  Same price for single or multiple designs with multiple banner orders            don't compromise on multi-design plan  

____  Custom sizing custom sizes look better

____  Grommeted on ALL sides every 18"-24" tension on all sides makes your banner look neat

____  Webbing-reinforced stitched hems for strongest wind resistance necessary for durability and safety

____  FR Rating: Meets NFPA 701 for fire safety standards          check for requirements for your site and make sure your banners are in compliance

____  Art File review and notification of potential print quality issues           Look for companies (people) that care about your final product 

____ PDF proof for your approval prior to printing and shipping           Expect nothing less.  The PDF is an agreement of what will be printed

____  Short Turn around - typically 10 working days from date of approved proof           Some may be faster, some may be slower.  Find a solution for your time line.

____  Design services upon request          As needed.  Not everyone has print ready art files.

____  Installation services upon request           As needed.  Not everyone has a crew ready to install.

Unfortunately many companies will nickle and dime you through the process.  It is often not until you are at the check out point that you know what your final price is for your banners.   Many hope that by the time you create your account, upload your design files and customize your product, you will be too invested in the process to want to look somewhere else.  Don't be deterred. Use this check list to simplify your process and ensure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing prices.

We hope you find this check list valuable to that you can be a smart, informed buyer.  

RainMaker Signs All Inclusive Pricing for Mesh Banners

At RainMaker Signs we don't like surprises, and we are pretty sure you don't either.  Our mesh banner pricing includes all the items included on the checklist above.  In fact, we go even further, and include ground shipping in the Continental US for orders over 500 sq ft.   We believe great visual communications (including custom printed mesh banners) make great things happen.  Our friendly service is designed to make great things happen for you.

Give us a call at 425-861-7446 , email us at  We'd love to hear from you!

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