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National Umbrella Day

At RainMaker Signs, we have no idea who invents these bizarre holidays... but we are happy to celebrate.  National Umbrella Day is a great reminder to review and explore opportunities to make great things happen for your business or organization.  To ask your organization, "Are we maximizing and leveraging all of our rainmakers?"


In business, a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts.  In professional organizations this person is a star who seems to keep wining new business almost by magic, since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused. It means generating substantial new business from sources sometimes outside established business channels, sometimes by connecting with people in non-traditional or hidden markets, and sometimes by prompting current clients to spend more money. A rainmaker is usually a key figure in the business or organization, not merely a salesperson, but a principal or executive who is usually highly regarded within the enterprise.

The origin of the business sense of rainmaker may be an allusion to the Native American practice of dancing to encourage deities to bring forth the rain necessary for crops. By analogy, a business rainmaker would magically bring new business and clients to a firm or generate more revenue from existing customers and donors, and rain is a metaphor for money. An example was the late advertising agency executive Frederick D. Sulcer who was described as a rainmaker after bringing numerous new accounts to the agency.

Signs and Graphics are an Essential Part of RainMaking Systems

Look closely and you'll discover an evolution away from the single star salesman, partner, or executive to an effective organization that works harmoniously to delight customers (fans, doners, students, guests, members, etc.)  Exceptional visual communications, signs and graphics are a part of that system.  Signs, graphics and other visual communications grab attention, build your brand, and engage prospective customers.  Event and trade show signs and graphics are 24/7 rainmakers working to bring you new business.  If you think about it, signs and graphics are the most economical element in creating a rainmaking system for your business.

Make National Umbrella Day Your Rainmaker Review Day

At RainMaker Signs we honestly believe that great visual communications make great things happen for our customers.  It is why we get up in the morning and how we know we are making a difference.   National Umbrella Day, as goofy as it sounds, is the day to put effective visual communications in place to support your rainmaking system for your organization.  We would love to help.  Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or email us at

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