Maximize Your Sponsorships and Events with Step and Repeats

Add Glamour for your Guests and Exposure for Your Sponsor with Step and Repeats

Step and Repeats.  You’ve seen them on television. You’ve seen them on magazine covers at the checkout counter at your local grocery store. Could be, you’re one of the fortunate few who have stood in front of one.  But do you know what it is? 

A "Step and Repeat" is the name given to the wall that has sponsors logos on it for the purposes of advertising and capturing photos of celebrity or noteworthy people used in media outlets in film, television, magazines, and websites.  Today Step and Repeats are not just for Hollywood.  As an event sponsor, this is a great opportunity to get wide reach for your brand as event celebrities and attendees share their "Step and Repeat" photos with all their friends and connections on social media.  Now even small or regional brands can shine in the spot light.

"Step and Repeats" are also used as press or media walls for press announcements.

The name, Step and Repeat, comes from the action of having VIP's “step” onto the red carpet, pose for photographers and leave, while the next person follows and “repeats” the process.  Curiously, the term also refers to the design process where a designer creates an image and repeats it multiple times to create the backdrop.  Those images are typically the logos of event hosts and sponsors. 

There are several ways to create the effect of a step and repeat, but the majority of "Step and Repeats" are one of three kinds, pop-ups, boards and banners. Your specific situation can call for one or the other.

If you require absolute perfection in your wall, use the hard panel step and repeats. The image is printed on a low glare sheet of photo quality vinyl and applied to a ½ thick hard plastic foam-core.  This creates a smooth, sturdy flat surface that is still light weight and easy to move.

Pop-ups are great if you need a free standing back drop.  The pop-up wall is comprised of a collapsible frame and a printed vinyl sheet that attached to the stand. The frame is reusable for future events, just print a new vinyl sheet featuring event and sponsor logos for the new event and attach to the pop-up stand. 

The smooth banner vinyl is another good option.  It is equal in print quality and attaches to the wall behind those posing VIP's.  They are super easy to transport and quick to set up.

You don’t need to be in Hollywood to use “Step and Repeats” Using "Step and Repeats" at your sponsored events will make your guests feel special and your sponsors happy.  Here are a few examples of events in which "Step and Repeats" are used:

  • Awards Ceremonies

  • Galas or Premiers

  • Press Conferences and Events

  • Video backdrops for press kits

  • Book Releases

  • Grand Openings

  • Auction and Fund Raising Events

  • Fashion Events

  • Athletic Competitions

  • Class Reunions

  • Other Sponsored Events 

RainMaker Signs fabricates durable, high-resolution step-and-repeats offering brand-name publicity at media press conferences, red carpet events and special events. We emphasize your brand names and logos on step-and-repeat backdrops and banners. Our sharp, vivid backdrops and press walls are printed with precision on 13 oz. photo-quality vinyl material to withstand tough weather conditions and last for years.

If you'd like more information about Step and Repeats, Backdrops, Press and Media Walls, give us a call at 425-861-7446 , email us at

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