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What Are Event Displays? And Why Must You Have It During Events?

If you have ever been to any events, trade shows, expositions, and any related activities in that genre, you should have noticed that all the vendors and businesses in these occasions have at least one display stationed at their booth or counter. These displays carry on multiple responsibilities that help brands and organizations attract people's attention and stand out among other event participants in the same venue. 

What Are Event Displays?

Event displays are decorations that project graphics and messages especially designed for a particular event or purpose. It strengthens the brand or organization's presence in a restricted space with flexible formats of presentations that adapt to the environment of the event location. Sometimes, event displays also act as functional furniture to make good use of the space available.

The image above shows a good example of a professional event booth set up with various types of event displays designed to effectively promote the business' specialties.

What Types Of Event Displays Are Available?

There are at least 8 types of event displays available, all of which can be customized with unique graphics and various dimensions to fit the users' needs. 

  • Pop Up Displays: with the shape of a box, pop up displays can be made into a curvy shape that adapts to the corner of a placed location. 

  • Modular Displays: in addition to presenting graphics of a brand, a modular displays have racks that can actually showcase the products. 

  • Retractable Banners: supported by a retractable stand, the banner can be easily recoiled into a base unit convenient for storage.

  • Outdoor Banner Stands: composed with durable fabrics and a weighted base, these banners are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • EZ Tube Displays: frequently used as event backdrops and step-and-repeats, these displays are very similar to pop up displays. They can be easily set up within minutes.

  • Table Top Displays: in fact, table top displays are a miniature version of both pop up displays and EZ Tube displays designed to fit in a constrained space. 

  • Fabric Light Box: as stated by its name, this type of display illuminates the brand it depicts, great to be used in venues with poor lighting or create a pop that drives traffic to the booth. 

  • Table Throws: this is a table cloth printed with your brand name and in your brand colors. Using a dye sublimation printing method, the silk-like fabrics show the most vibrant colors.

All these displays can be easily assembled and disassembled convenient for transportation and storage. They are also made to be reusable for different occasions or long-term use. If new graphics are needed for a new promotion or campaign, displays that are equipped with a supporting stand can be reused to support the new graphics. 

Good Luck To Your Events!

RainMaker Signs hopes that the above information is helpful to you for preparing for your events, trade shows, and expositions. Need help to prep for your events? Give Rainmaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or email us at sales@rainmakersigns.com. Our team can assist you with any design and production needs. 

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