Why a Mesh Banner Spanning Multiple Fences is a Recipe for Disaster

Mesh banners on construction site fences are a fantastic way to achieve multiple goals and promote your new project.  It is not often you have what is essentially a massive billboard at your disposal.  If you envision a beautiful, uninterrupted display spanning multiple fences for an entire city block, think again.  Your vision might be short lived.  Read on to learn why this vision may not be a reality.

Imagine Your Mesh Banner "Billboard" Spanning an Entire City Block... 

It's easy to imagine.  We like things to look neat, clean pristine and uninterrupted.  Pretty much every construction company, builder, or capital company we've worked with on mesh fence banners has asked our opinion about spanning multiple fences with a single banner.  We understand.  The idea is alluring.  

Now Imagine the Reality of a Dynamic Work Site

We encourage you to move beyond that vision and take reality into account.  To help you manage your brand presentation and your investment in your banners we've outlined the top three things that often happen on dynamic job sites that will impact your banners.  Armed with this information, you can make the best decision for your particular project.  In addition, you can pick up some additional tips for making your fence banners look great here.

1.  The Actual Fence Length or Configuration Does Not Match the Plan

We work with companies that go to great lengths to map out the position and length of each segment of fencing and to allocate promotion and branding to each of their investment partners.  Fence maps are created.  Banners are designed, customized, printed and assigned to specific locations on the site fence map.

THEN... when it is time to install the banners, the actual fences don't actually match up to the plan.  Construction sites are dynamic spaces and even the best laid plans change.  Sometimes they are not able to rent the fence sizes as originally planned, or maybe the person in charge of setting up the fences didn't follow the plan.  Perhaps the fence plan had to be altered to provide access to a new area or even a fire hydrant.

Whatever the reason, the length (or quantity) of mesh banners no longer matches up to the number of fence segments.  If you planned your banners to fit individual fence segments, no problem.  You can just adjust your banner plan to fit the final configuration of the fences.  If you had one long fence spanning multiple fences, you may end up cutting down your banner in a compromising way.

2.  The Fence Configuration Changes Over the Course of the Construction Project

For your builder or construction contractor, time is money.  Multiple contractors have confirmed that if they need to move fences or reconfigure access or the perimeter, they will not hesitate to cut the banners.  We want to repeat that because they have all said the same thing.

On site contractors will not hesitate to cut the banners to move the fences.

When they ask someone on the crew to move a fence, that crew member will move that fence as efficiently as possible.  If that means cutting through a banner they will do it.

Once cut, your banner is compromised.  The cut edges are not finished and will fray.  It will look sloppy and tattered, not a good reflection on your or your partner's brand.  On long banners spanning multiple fences, they may cut through in the middle of a logo or message.  If the banners are sized to individual fence panels, the crew members can move the fences around with no damage to the banners.

3. Vandalism & Graffiti Happen

Finally, there is the ugly reality of vandalism.  Vandalism doesn't just happen on urban job sites.  The vandal doesn't care weather your banner is 12' or 500' - but you will. If your banners are sized to the individual fences, you can simply replace only the vandalized banners.  That could mean replacing only 12' not 500' of banner.


If you have a long, multi-fence banner, you can opt to cut off the vandalized portion, but that will leave you with a frayed, unhemmed edge that will become tattered.  It may also be difficult to replace only that damaged section of banner if you do not have your files set up for individual fence panels.  

Either way, it is more affordable and presentable to replace specific damaged panels than to try to repair and replace sections of a long banner.

Protect Your Investment in Your Mesh Banners

We work with builder across the country to create crisp, vibrant banners that get their message out into the community and keep the workplace safe.  If you still have questions about the trade off between long, multi-fence banners and single fence banners give us a call.  We are happy to help you out. 

We believe great visual communications make great things happen. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 , email us at sales@rainmakersigns.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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