Restaurant Signs And Graphics

Entice Customers' Appetites With Signs And Graphics 

Restaurants, cafés, diners, taverns, fast food shops, ice cream shops, coffee shops, food trucks and many other food serve businesses all require signs and graphics to thrive and grow. 

Signs and restaurant wall murals are strong physical evidence that you are a successful business that is dedicated to serving your customers. Especially for food service businesses, your vibrant branding creates the right atmosphere for your customers to dine and relax. In addition to that, your colorful signs and graphics are good trigger points that create long lasting impressions to your customers.


Set the vibe, entertain customers, promote signature dishes, these are just some of the support RainMaker Signs' restaurant signs and graphics deliver.


Signs, graphics, and displays, RainMaker Signs offers the visual communication that establish a pleasant dining environment for your customers. 


Our services take care of every step of your sign shopping experience, contributing to your one of a kind restaurant sign, graphics, and displays. 

Support For Restaurants

RainMaker Signs' signs and graphics are multi-taskers. Each of them plays different roles at a restaurant such as attracting, interacting with, and entertaining diners. See what they can do below:

Attraction The vibrant setting of a restaurant attracts customers in, giving them the first impression that your food is delicious and the dining environment is nice.

Appetising Bon appetit! Researches have proven that certain colors are appetite enhancing. RainMaker Signs adopts these colors in our restaurant graphics. 

Promotion Banners and displays help advertise any promotions in the restaurant and feature signature dishes to passersby and customers.

Atmosphere Along with the decoration style at the restaurant, signs and graphics establish an unique dining atmosphere to the diners.

Marketing In the age of social media, customers share their dining experience online. Signs and graphics become part of the background of the contents customers share. 

Safety Signs and graphics are needed in a restaurant to warn customers and employees about any potential dangers, such as a slippery floor or hot surface. 

Restaurant Signs And Graphics

See examples of some of the most popular restaurant signs and graphics below:

  • mollusk-mural-06-rainmaker-signs-seattle-wa.jpg
  • Rainmaker Signs illuminated building restaurant signs Bellevue WA.jpg
  • DSC_3311.jpg
  • Tako_Kyuuban_blade_sign_international_district_Seattle_wa_Rainmaker_Signs.jpg

Restaurant Signage Services

What RainMaker Signs can do for you aside from bringing your custom signs and graphics to life:

Site Survey

RainMaker Signs' team of sign experts will come to your location to explore and advise the possible signs and graphics we can create for you. 


Incorporating your business' branding, you will receive mock-ups that enable you to envision how the finished signage blends into your restaurant.

Project Management

If your restaurant has multiple branches, RainMaker Signs can manage the production, design adaptation, and install for you to ensure consistency. 

Reinforce the uniqueness of your restaurant with signs and graphics!

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