School Signs And Graphics

Create A Great Learning Environment

Schools need signage and graphics to show directions, establish credibility, and build the right atmosphere that encourage and motivate students to learn and instill confidence in parents that their children will receive the best education at their school. RainMaker Signs offers production, design, and installation services for school signs and school graphics that help to create an effective learning environment for your staff and students.


Support plays an important role in student success. RainMaker Signs can help you create a supportive learning environments in your educational institution.


School signs, graphics, and displays are key visual communications students remember. Seeing them every day becomes part of their formative experience. 


RainMaker Signs' designers and sign experts are here to help you create the right visual environment that displays key values, school identity, and motivational visuals. 

Education Institution Support

School is a second home to students and faculty. RainMaker Signs' signs, graphics, and displays establish a positive education environments in the following areas:

Identity Signs, graphics, and displays branded with school crest or mascot feature the school as a prestigious and permanent education institution, instilling confidence in students, parents, and all other school members.

Communication The use of signs and graphics effectively spreads important messages and notices to students and school members, often highlighting important rules of values. 

Sense of Belonging By promoting school values and mission around campus with signs and graphics, it strengthens students' collective identity as a member of the institution. 

Motivation A positive and encouraging atmosphere that motivates students to learning success can be established with the help of inspiring and cheerful signs, graphics, and displays. 

Guidance  Being secure in one's surrounding contributes to self confidence and a focus on learning.  RainMaker Signs directional graphics, rooms signs and directory signage can help students, faculty and guest find their way to their destination.  

Morale Event banners, mascot themed graphics, sports team signs, these visual communications promote sportsmanship and boost student morale and unity. 

School Signs And Graphics

See a few of the top education institution signs and graphics below:

  • Rainmaker_Signs_high_school_wall_graphics_Shoreline_WA.jpg
  • Unviersity_of_Washington_Splash_Banners_Rainmaker_Signs_Seattle_WA.jpg
  • wall_mural_for_new_Seattle_School_RainMaker_Signs.jpg
  • University-of-Washginton-Medicine-pop-up-display-Seattle-WA-Rainmaker-Signs.jpg
  • Rainmaker_Signs_student_store_wall_graphics_kallas_junior_high_Puyallup_WA.jpg

School Signage Services

RainMaker Signs makes sure our signs and graphics contribute to an effective learning environment by offering these services:

Site Survey

RainMaker Signs sends our sign experts to your property to discuss your project, measure dimensions, and provide professional visual communication advices.


Our designers can illustrate signs and graphics that best represent your school spirit and effectively fulfill the purpose and goal of the signage. 

Project Management

We can take care of all the school signs and graphics needed around campus, managing the design, production, installation, and ensuring their consistency. 

Create a great educational environment with signs and graphics for your students today! 

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