Technical Stuff

Some Technical Stuff That Really Matters

RainMaker Signs invest in the best technology and employee training to provide our customers with the highest quality products.  

  • State of the Art Digital Printing Technology
  • Best in class color calibration and management
  • Brand name quality tested materials
  • Eco-friendly material options and business practices

State of the Art Digital Printing Technology


At Rainmaker Signs we utilize the latest HP wide format printing technology. The HP latex based inks deliver the highest quality digital graphics across a wide range of materials - from point of purchase posters, window graphics, vehicle wraps, textiles and wall coverings to outdoor and event banners. With HP technology we have the ability to put a high quality image of your brand or message virtually anywhere.


Vibrant, Accurate COLOR

Reproducing the best possible color for you is far too important to be left to trial and error or relegated to a single individual's gut, no matter how many years of experience. At Rainmaker Signs we’ve invested and trained in the most advanced color management and calibration technology available to create rich true color. We use state of the art xRite color calibration equipment to provide this quality where the vast majority of our competitors can’t. 

Yep, it’s that important to us because we know your brand is that important to you.

The Right Materials For The Job


We use the best brand name materials and work with the top rated suppliers to ensure only the highest quality products leave our facility. With our experience and technical expertise and the expertise of our suppliers and network of owners we are able to recommend and use the best materials that meet your specifications and respect your budget. 

We never want you to pay a premium for materials that exceed the requirements of the job or pay to replace a sign that shows signs of failure before its expected time. It’s all about getting it right the first time.



We provide our customers with eco friendly options such as 3M PVC-Free Wrap films, 100% post-consumer recycled banner materials, compostable media and substrates, and green recyclable alternatives to Foamcore. 

In addition, we... 

• maintain a solvent free print process and work environment 
• recycle all inks, paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. 
• donate unused materials to local schools for student projects 
• offer a sign recycle program for all our customers 
• offer paperless billing and electronic proofs to our customers

Using the best technical resources along with expertise to create unique visual communication

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