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What Are Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics/wall murals are visual presentations (which can be words and/or images) affixed onto the wall in the form of a giant sticker. It can fill the entire wall, or be cut out to form finite shapes, numbers or letters on the wall.  A wall graphic is typically created using a printable wall paper, wall fabric or an adhesive vinyl for convenient application. The use of wall graphics is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grab people's attention, convey a message or brand, influence an experience, or generate interest. 

Types Of Wall Graphics

RainMaker Signs specializes in state-of-the-art high resolution wide format printing on a variety of adhesive vinyls and wall covering materials.  Our high-tech cutter can create precision cuts for the perfect wall graphics and lettering, large and small. We offer a variety of materials, from repositionable to permanent, specifically formulated for a variety of wall surfaces.  

Wall Murals

Looking like a huge painting, wall murals are vinyl graphics that fill the whole wall or a given space. Wall murals are like wallpapers that blend into the background naturally and seamlessly. It is ideal to be used to present photos, artworks, and illustrations. Quality wall murals can last for years.

Rainmaker signs environmental wall muralls & graphics for Expedia.com Bellevue WA
Custom wall mural for Seattle Galvanizing by RainMaker Signs

Custom Cut Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be die cut or etched to show meaningful patterns, visuals, or texts representing an organization's brand, mission, vision, values, or spirit. Fabricated with meticulous attention to details, custom cut wall graphics create great contrasting effect with the original painted wall.

Logo & Lettering Graphics

The simplest form of wall graphics are logo and lettering graphics. It is a cost-effective solution designed to prominently feature a brand's logo, name, slogan, or any important messages. Whether in plain color or combination of colors, RainMaker Signs' in-house inkjet printer strives to capture a brand's essence vividly and vibrantly.

custom retail store branding with wall graphics by RainMaker Signs Seattle WA

custom corporate stair murals by RainMaker Signs Bellevue WA

Graphics & Murals On Other Surfaces

Not just walls, RainMaker Signs can produce and install graphics and murals for other surfaces and structures such as floors, stairs, bricks, cinder blocks, etc.. Vinyl graphics and murals installed on everyday objects unconventionally make great guerrilla marketing. 

Ideal Spaces For Wall Graphics

You see Wall Graphics commonly applied in these spaces to convey their meaningful messages:

Wall Graphics Resources

Learn more about the transformation of plain white walls into stunning visual communications:




Custom Wall Murals And Graphics Make Great Visual Communication On Behalf Of Your Brand! 

custom wall graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signs